'Stay safe fam' - Sonny Bill Williams urges public to take coronavirus pandemic 'seriously'

With work on hold for Sonny Bill Williams in the UK - like many of us in New Zealand - the sportsman is urging the public to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Williams is currently living in the UK and playing rugby league for the Toronto Wolfpack. However, the UK Super League competition has been suspended due to Covid-19.

In a post on Instagram the former All Blacks star told his fans to "take this thing seriously".

Williams urged people to listen to the guidelines and stay at home to flatten the curve of coronavirus.

He also praised health care workers for their work throughout the pandemic.

"Also just a massive shout out to the health workers out there that are putting their lives at risk and looking after us.

"To the people that think they're bullet-proof just imagine someone that you know, that you love, that you cherish gets affected by this, so yeah stay safe fam."