Shaun Johnson, Kayla Cullen tease each other about how they met

Shaun Johnson and Kayla Cullen have sat down for a wide-ranging interview together where they teased each other about how they met and discussed furthering their sporting careers together across the ditch.

The interview, which was released by today, came the eve of Johnson’s Cronulla Sharks clash with the Warriors tomorrow.

The couple, who got engaged last year, reflected on their meetings and interactions before they got together in 2016.

“So we’re out in a club, both young, both you know 18,19 or whatever it was,” Johnson said.

“I’m there and then I get a tap on the shoulder saying ‘hey, can I please have a photo with you?’”

“I turn around and boom, I have a photo with this chick and they’re like that’s Kayla Cullen, that my friend is the start of how we blossomed and we met.”

“It was a long time ago so I’m pretty sure I would never do that,” a laughing Cullen replied.

Not that Johnson got it all his own way in the interview, with Cullen bringing up a good luck message that Johnson sent to the Silver Ferns for the 2015 Netball World Cup which included him saying "I love you Kayla."

“Again man, I just knew, I had a feeling,” Johnson said.

Meetings aside, the couple reflected on Johnson’s exit from the Warriors and their move to Australia, where Cullen is playing for the NSW Swifts.

“We sort of pitched that and spoke about that, look you could play netball in Australia,” Johnson said.

“I always had the desire to play in the Suncorp competition,” Cullen added.