'Our forwards are a lot bigger' – Tonga captain on how his side can beat Australia

Tonga captain Sika Manu has outlined his side's plan to secure a maiden victory over the Kangaroos, as his team prepare to face Australia in Auckland tomorrow night.

The Kangaroos face Tonga in Auckland tomorrow night. Source: 1 NEWS

In a Test match years in the making, Tonga and the Kangaroos will battle it out for the very first time tomorrow night, taking the field at a sold out Mt Smart Stadium.

Speaking to media today, Manu says that he's confident of securing the result, even going as far as outlining how Tonga plan on doing so.

"It'll be through the middle, our forwards are a lot bigger than theirs," he began.

"At the same time, Australia are an awesome team. They've got a lot of strike on the edges, a lot of good forwards as well, a lot of experience.

"We've trained to defend as well as we can, we just need to take it onto the field.

"Like I said, they're dangerous on the edges, if we can look after that, we'll be alright."