NZRL boss says New Zealand anthem at Denver Test was 'disgraceful'

NZRL chief executive Greg Peters says the rendition of the New Zealand national anthem ahead of the Denver Test between the Kiwis and England was “disgraceful”.

Local singer Crystal Collins performed both God Save The Queen, and both God Defend New Zealand and E Ihowā Atua [Te Reo Māori version], but her rendition of the New Zealand anthem came in for severe criticism.

Commentator Glen Larmer dubbed it "one of the worst renditions of the New Zealand anthem I've ever heard at a sporting event".

Peters, who took over as NZRL boss last month, told Radio Live he would ask the promoters Moore Sports why someone else didn’t sing the anthem.

"The anthem was disgraceful, and we are very disappointed by that," he said.

"These things happen from time to time, and it's not the first time that I've seen it happen in sport.

"The Kiwi national anthem is something we're proud of, and we will be taking steps to speak to the promoters about that in the debrief."

Peters says he wants to have some input on anthem singers in future.

With NZRL not funding the Denver Test, they had no say in the selection of the anthem singers.

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