NRL won't punish Warriors star Blake Green for 'kick us out of the comp' comments

NRL head of football Graham Annesley says there won't be any punishments for Blake Green over comments he made during the Warriors' win over Manly last week.

A dejected Blake Green after the loss to the Panthers. Source: Photosport

On-field microphones picked up Green saying "just kick us out of the comp, man" in frustration after the NRL Bunker ruled Adam Blair had committed a professional foul.

As a result, Blair was sin-binned and the Sea Eagles were given a chance to make a comeback with 13 minutes left in the match.

Green's comments came after weeks of controversial calls the Warriors have endured and while Annesley said he doesn't condone what was said, he understands it was an emotional outlet and not abuse towards an official.

"It depends how you take his comments - they could have been aimed at the NRL," Annesley said during his media briefing yesterday.

"I think in relation to the Green comments, they were made on the field in some degree of frustration over a number of weeks.

"I don't think it falls into the category of abusing anybody. He certainly didn't abuse the referee.

"I am not condoning it. He made a comment which I don't agree with, I don't think he should have made but it was made in frustration and I don't think anyone would expect any action to flow from that."

Green said after the match he regretted the comments but was still confused about the Bunker's ruling.

Blair was sent packing after Manase Fainu collided with him while chasing a kick in-goal. Annesley showed camera angles that he believes showed Blair impeded Fainu's path to the ball.

"He doesn't stop completely but certainly his stride length changes and he prepares for contact," he said. "Some of these things are quite subtle and some players are quite good at these subtleties to escort the ball.

"Some of these subtleties can make a difference between the attacking player getting to the ball or not."