NRL referees in charge of Warriors' controversy-filled win over Knights axed

The NRL officials in charge of the Warriors' 24-20 win over Newcastle on Saturday night have been dropped from this week's action.

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The Warriors winger says he knows he grounded the ball in the close win over the Knights, despite what the officials think. Source: 1 NEWS

Adam Gee and Gavin Badger have both been stood down from officiating matches in round 17 for failing to stop play when Peta Hiku was concussed during the tight contest.

Despite seeing Hiku was in trouble, the referees allowed the game to continue and the Knights capitalised by scoring a try while the Warriors defence was down a man.

NRL head of football Graham Annesley said on Monday the game should've been stopped once Badger instructed Gee to watch Hiku after he'd seen him stumble backwards.

"The referee [Badger] saw it, and for a reason, I don't understand allowed play to continue," Annesley said on Monday.

"The [lead] referee [Gee] incorrectly gave an explanation after the try had been scored saying the trainer needs to bring it to our attention.

"That only has to happen if the referees and touch judges are unaware that a player has suffered a serious injury."

The incident was one of three controversial moments from the game that disgruntled Warriors fans.

Moments earlier, the officals were already in hot water with Warriors fans after the Bunker disallowed a try to Ken Maumalo despite replays showing he'd grounded the ball.

Gee said the on-field decision was a try but the Bunker overturned that decision when they went to another camera angle - a move they shouldn't have done, Annesley said.

"The other angle cast doubt in their mind about their initial thoughts, and they didn't need to do that," Annesley said. "That's a training issue that management of the bunker have to deal with."

Officials also missed former Warrior Mason Lino losing control of the ball moments before the Knights scored their opening try.