NRL fines for 2021 season nearing $1 million

The NRL is on track to hand out more than $1 million in fines to players this year, after having already doubled the financial penalties dished out in 2020.

Warriors forward Kane Evans Source: SKY

With four months still to go in the calendar year, fines handed out to Josh Dugan and Adam Elliott this week for alleged biosecurity breaches this week took the game's tally to $857,800.

That figure does not include the $75,000 in publicised fines handed out to clubs for separate breaches this year.

But while club front offices have traditionally borne the brunt of big fines, the sanctions against players this year have been unprecedented.

They are also well beyond the $330,000 for the entire 2020 year.

Bubble breaches account for more than $470,000 in fines handed out to players this year, with Josh Dugan making up for $75,000 of those alone.

However, the other significant addition to the game's kitty bag has been at the judiciary.

With two rounds still to play, a total of 164 fines have been handed out for minor on-field offences, totalling $230,100.

Much of that is due to the game's crackdown on foul play, with 242 grade-one offences in 2021 compared to 121 in 2020.

Josh McGuire has been hardest hit at the judiciary, with two fines totalling $4650 to go with his total of five weeks suspended this season.

Even accounting for the fact judiciary fines were reduced by 50 per cent last year due to the cut in player pay, this season's figure still towers over the mere $28,500 in fines players copped at the judiciary last year.

It is also well beyond the $53,050 in judiciary punishments from 2019, which is the last full season where fines were not discounted.

NRL fines traditionally go towards player wellbeing and education-related initiatives, as part of an agreement with the Rugby League Players Association when the monetary sanctions were introduced to the judiciary system.


Brent Naden: $5000
Payne Haas: $50,000
Corey Norman: $10,000
Corey Harawira-Naera: $10,000
Phoenix Crossland: $450
Victor Radley: $10,000
Unnamed Parramatta player in intimate act: $5000
Kotoni Staggs: $20,000
David Fifita: $10,000
Dylan Napa: $5000
Brandon Wakeham: $1750
Corey Waddell: $1500
Sione Katoa: $1250
Aaron Schoupp: $250
Kane Evans: $5000
Josh Dugan: $25,000
Josh Dugan: $50,000
Paul Vaughan: $50,000
Corey Norman: $50,000
Jack de Belin: $42,000
Zac Lomax: $31,000
Jack Bird: $25,000
Matt Dufty: $23,000
Blake Lawry: $20,000
Josh Kerry: $18,000
Daniel Alvaro: $15,000
Josh McGuire: $12,000
Tyrell Fuimaono: $12,000
Kaide Ellis: $5000
Gerard Beale: $2000
Jai Arrow: $35,000
Curtis Scott: $30,000
Apisai Koroisau: $35,000
James Roberts: $7500
Adam Elliott: $10,000.