Nathan Brown rues Tevaga sin-binning after last-minute loss to Cowboys

Warriors coach Nathan Brown says last night's 29-28 loss to the Cowboys was decided by the early sin-binning of Jazz Tevaga, rather than a botched late-game field goal attempt.

Fans were taken on a rollercoaster ride throughout the 80 minutes, as the Warriors clawed back from a 22-6 halftime deficit, scoring 22 unanswered points to take a six-point lead with just ten minutes to play.

But they were unable to complete their hard-fought comeback, as the Cowboys' Tabuai-Fidow streaked away from the halfway line to tie the game in the 75th minute.

The Warriors were then gifted the ball from the restart, giving them the perfect opportunity to ice the game, only for Chanel Harris-Tavita to miss a drop goal from right in front.

It proved decisive, as the Cowboys came back down the field and fullback Valentine Holmes struck a huge 39-metre field goal through the posts to seal the last-minute victory for the home side.

Despite the late-game mishap, coach Brown believed the game was lost in the first half after Jazz Tevaga was sin-binned in the 30th minute.

"The game was decided by the sin-binning and it was a fair sin-binning, that’s where the game was lost," Brown said.

"Until the sin-binning it was a pretty tight half of footy.

"Today, we came up short with 12 [players] and we paid the price for it ... The sin-binning happened and we had some people that didn't handle it so well.

"We had some people that didn't get some things quite right, which you need to get right at this level."

Brown praised his team for their second-half comeback, but said it was "disappointing" they were unable to secure victory.

"Val [Holmes] showed you why he gets paid a million bucks didn't he, kicking one from 40 out and we had the same with Cherry-Evans against Manly.

"We just didn't get it right tonight when it really mattered...they got it right."