Most read: Shaun Johnson reveals that Billy Slater was calling out the Warriors' plays before they'd done them

Shaun Johnson has revealed that Melbourne champion Billy Slater was calling out the Warriors’ plays before they had done them during the Storm’s win at Mt Smart Stadium last month.

Discussing the extent to which teams know what their rivals are going to do late in the season, Johnson said Slater became a play-by-play caller as he directed his defensive line against the Warriors.

“When we played Melbourne out here a couple of weeks back they were telling us what we were going to do,” Johnson told media.

“They got Bill Slater at the back there yelling out ‘alright, they’re laying one here’ so every team knows your (plays) but it’s fine to know it but you still got to stop it.”

Despite the level of knowledge of the Warriors’ attack, Johnson remained confident that it was one thing to know it, another thing to stop it.

“We’re confident if we execute then it’s still hard for teams,” he said.

“Our point of difference is that reaction, those instinctive, click moments we sort of talk about.”

Johnson said the Warriors had a similar level of detailed knowledge of other sides in the NRL.

"We know what Souths are going to throw at you pretty much every time, there’s teams right across the comp who run the same sort of shapes."

The Warriors halfback is confident in his team’s attack despite the lack of secrets between NRL teams late in the season. Source: 1 NEWS

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