As it happened: Warriors held scoreless as Panthers pile on the points

Relive 1 NEWS' live updates of tonight's NRL match between the Warriors at Panthers at Campbelltown Stadium in Sydney, Australia.

FT: PEN 26-0 WAR

The final whistle goes for what as been a pretty painful night for the Warriors. Lacked discipline when they needed it and their attack was missing an edge tonight. Panthers defence did what it had to and come up with the clean sheet. It'll be back to the drawing board for Kearney and Co. after saying tonight would be a real indicator of where they are in this restarted competition. They certainly found out the hard way.

That's all for us tonight. Enjoy your weekend.

77min: PEN 26-0 WAR

On the last, the Warriors yet again opt for the high ball and get the same result - Panthers reclaim it.

76min: PEN 26-0 WAR

Perhaps one last chance to score here as the Panthers are penalised for tackling without the ball. Warriors kick for touch and soon after get another penalty for a head high. They'll start 10m out from the Panthers line here.

72min: PEN 26-0 WAR

WAR NO TRY! A superb effort from Herbert goes upstairs to the Bunker and it's close. He's come from nowhere to chase down this grubber right in the right corner of the Panthers' in goal and slap it on the ground but he's near the sideline too. They look at every possible angle and eventually argue he's out. Go figure. Panthers 20m restart.

70min: PEN 26-0 WAR

The Warriors show some life as Green threads a great short ball to Beale who breaks the line cleanly. He's got support with him with the fullback to beat but opts to hold onto it instead and Aekins makes the tackle. Set finishes without anything special but the Warriors are still showing some fight here.

69min: PEN 26-0 WAR

Panthers are inches from scoring once again as they attack down the left wing with a grubber. The bounce doesn't sit nice for the chase though and it bounces dead. 20m restart for the Warriors as we approach 10min to go.

66min: PEN 26-0 WAR

PEN TRY! That's probably the final nail in the coffin. Lovely short ball puts Burns through a hole close and he storms over to score.

63min: PEN 20-0 WAR

Panthers get another great platform after the Warriors are penalised for a high tackled. That's eight penalties to three now. Panthers new set 40m out from the Warriors line here.

60min: PEN 20-0 WAR

Herbert looks to breathe some life into the squad with a superb 30m run after a quick 20m restart. It leads to the Warriors getting to the Panthers 10m for the final tackle of the set but the grubber is a little undercooked and the Panthers collect it with ease and get out of their in-goal.

57min: PEN 20-0 WAR

Both sides trading sets here without much threat. This latest one sees the Warriors kick on the fourth and find some space out the back. Panthers recollect the bouncing ball and start on their 30m.

53min: PEN 20-0 WAR

Panthers overcook their kick on the last so the Warriors get a 20m restart. They make some good metres on the set but just as things start to open up they run too close the line and are bundled into touch on the third tackle. Panthers ball on their 30m.

52min: PEN 20-0 WAR

It's another penalty against the Warriors here as they're whistled for cleaning out the ball as the Panthers tried to play it. Penrith find touch just inside the Warriors half here.

49min: PEN 20-0 WAR

And the Warriors lose the ball in a one-on-one strip metres from the line. Kind of sums up the night so far.

47min: PEN 20-0 WAR

A rare error from the Panthers gives the Warriors their best chance so far. Nikorima put one up high on the last tackle and Aekins drops it cold 10m from his line. Warriors scrum coming up. They need some points here. 

44min: PEN 20-0 WAR

PEN TRY! And just like that, they're back on the back foot. It all starts with a linebreak in the midfield on the Panthers' 30m and they get all the way down to the Warriors 30m with it. Ball gets recycled quickly, shifted down the line to the left wing with numbers and the Panthers are in easily. Superb footy from the Panthers. Not so much from the Warriors.

42min: PEN 16-0 WAR

Warriors come out with some fire here and get to the Panthers' 30m on their first set. Green goes high but the Panthers bring it in and get tackled on their goal line.

40min: PEN 16-0 WAR

Warriors get us going in the second half.

HT: PEN 16-0 WAR

The Panthers celebrate after scoring against the Warriors. Source: Getty

Whistle goes and it couldn't come soon enough for the Warriors there. After doing so well early in the contest, poor discipline and costly handling errors have allowed the Panthers to get all over them. Then, when they do have chances on the final tackle the attack is one-dimensional with easily-read high balls. Kearney will need to have something special planned at halftime here to wake his men up.

Join is after a short break for the second half to see if the Warriors can turn this one around.

37min: PEN 16-0 WAR

PEN TRY! Botched co-ordination on the high ball leads to an easy try for the Panthers. Penrith goes high on their last tackle and it's falling between Herbert and RTS. RTS leaves Herbert to take it which seems to catch the winger off guard and it bounces off his chest and back to the Panthers. Two tackles later, they're over on right edge through an easy grubber and recollection by Luai.

35min: PEN 10-0 WAR

Just as fast as the opportunity comes, it goes away as Katoa loses it in the play-the-ball 10 metres out from the line. RTS uses his Captains Challenge on it but replays show its a clear knock on. Panthers scrum on their own 10m.

34min: PEN 10-0 WAR

Finally a let up for the Warriors. Panthers lose the ball early in the set and make it worse with an offside penalty. Warriors kick for touch and get to start a set 30m from the Penrith line. 

32min: PEN 10-0 WAR

Warriors give up another silly penalty as they tackle a man in the air taking in Green's kick. So that lets the Panthers get to halfway for free once again.

31min: PEN 10-0 WAR

Warriors get hard done by as they're penalised for an illegal strip even though replays show it was a one-on-one. Panthers happy to take it though and find touch. New set will be 40m out from the Warriors line. On the last they grubber for the left corner but it's overcooked. Warriors restart on their 20m.

29min: PEN 10-0 WAR

Penrith 15m out on the last tackle opt to keep the ball in hand. Numbers on the left, they fire a skip pass but its read perfectly by Herbert and he makes the must-stop tackle. Try saver there in a potential three-on-one.

28min: PEN 10-0 WAR

And the Warriors make it harder on themselves as they give up a silly penalty for holding on to long in the tackle. Panthers find touch and will start the new set 45m from the Warriors line.

27min: PEN 10-0 WAR

Warriors get a chance to respond here as the Panthers cough the ball up on halfway but after three tackles they give the ball right back with a handling error of their own. Penrith scrum 15m from their own line.

24min: PEN 10-0 WAR

PEN TRY! A bit of cruel luck sees Burton get a double. Warriors look to kick on the last and Green opts for a low, hard knock but it goes straight into Burton and ricochets back behind the Warriors line. Burton is the first to react and sprints after it, gets a perfect bounce and runs the final 30m to score in the left corner. RTS gave chase but he couldn't do much there. Tough result given the superb defence the Warriors have had in the last 10ish minutes.

21min: PEN 6-0 WAR

Warriors get all the way to the Panthers' 20m on the set. Nikorima floats one towards the posts. RTS soars for it but again, the Panthers win the contest. 

20min: PEN 6-0 WAR

After another poor final tackle choice from the Panthers, the Warriors get a break with an early penalty. Kick for touch finds their 40m so that's where they'll restart instead of on their own line as has been the case the last 5 minutes.

18min: PEN 6-0 WAR

And the defence holds on! Panthers try to bust their way over after three straight sets with the ball in hand but they can't find a chink in the armour.

16min: PEN 6-0 WAR

The Panthers get a set restart midway through their attack and now they get an even better platform with a wild arm from the Warriors resulting in a knock on. Panthers scrum 10m out from the line.

14min: PEN 6-0 WAR

Warriors on the back foot immediately after giving up the try as they also give away a penalty in the first set after kick off. Panthers find touch and get to start the set 30m from the Kiwi line.

12min: PEN 6-0 WAR

PEN TRY! Panthers draw first blood. 20m out, they put up a bomb for the left corner. Herbert goes up to contest and so does Crichton for the Panthers. Herbert can't bring it in and the ball is loose, scooped up by Burton and he's in easily. 

10min: PEN 0-0 WAR

Panthers get the first penalty of the match and use it as a springboard to get into the Warriors half. 20m out on the last tackle. They've got number left. They move it that way but bizarrely go for a grubber instead of draw and pass. The kick dies and the Warriors take it back with ease.

9min: PEN 0-0 WAR

Another Green bomb is contested but Herbert can't bring it on. Panthers ball on their 10m. 

7min: PEN 0-0 WAR

Good metres from the Warriors here. On the Panthers 30m for the last. Green goes high but Aekins takes it clean despite a challenge from RTS. Tight contest early on.

5min: PEN 0-0 WAR

A set reset helps the Warriors cross halfway for the first time tonight. They go right, Nikorima puts it up on the last. There's four in the air to contest it. Looks like a Panthers hand but the referee calls a knock on by the Warriors.

2min: PEN 0-0 WAR

Warriors get up to their 40m with the first set. Green kicks for the right corner and Panthers bring it back cleanly. Panthers over halfway on the fourth tackle. On the last they go high to the middle. RTS brings it in, looks to ran but gets wrapped up on his 10m. Clean start for both sides.


We're underway in Sydney with the Panthers getting us going.

7:50pm: Comments from Stephen Kearney

Warriors coach Stephen Kearney has given a few comments before tonight's match. Here's what he had to say.

"I thought we did really well last week after everything we've gone through the last few months.

"We did some really good stuff with the ball last week with the new rule and the one ref - it's about holding onto the ball. It's no different tonight.

"We've got to try and stop Kikaa and Koroisau tonight. We've got a few things planned." 

7:45pm: NRL crowds allowed to return in small numbers

In a bit of breaking news before tonight's kickoff, NRL crowds will be allowed to return to the NRL next week at NSW-based games.

For more on the shock return, read here.

7.30pm: PREVIEW

Source: 1 NEWS

The Warriors are entering tonight's contest having to adjust their gameplan after winger Ken Maumalo was ruled out with a hamstring injury earlier today.

The 25-year-old picked up the injury in training on the Central Coast earlier this week, leaving Adam Pompey to cover his spot on the wing.

Pompey returns to the side having last played in the 20-6 defeat to the Canberrra Raiders in round two - albeit before the Covid-19 enforced break in the NRL.

The news comes with the Warriors having experienced a spate of injuries, Maumalo joining the likes of Peta Hiku, Jazz Tevaga, Bunty Afoa, Leeson Ah Mau, Adam Keighran and Jackson Frei already ruled out.

Meanwhile, prop Agnatius Paasi is suspended after a dangerous tackle in the 18-0 win over the Dragons last week, while David Fusitu'a is still unavailable, having arrived late in Australia and not considered to be match fit.

Despite the odds stacked against them, the Warriors showed last week what they're made of with a record-breaking 18-0 win over the Dragons.

The clinical performance was partially inspired by the team's recent emotional journey of leaving loved ones at home to set up camp in Australia to take part in the competition but coach Stephen Kearney said channelled emotions aren't the only way the Warriors can win games.

"There's no doubt about the effect last week those things potentially had on the group," Kearney said.

"But what stood out for me was that regardless of the goodwill out there in the community for the team, we still had to go out there and perform. And we did.

"All they did was execute their roles and this week it doesn't change."

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary agreed.

"Emotion, generally speaking, only takes you so far," Cleary said.

"I presume emotion may have had some role in that - I don't really know the details - [but] emotion or no emotion, they were pretty impressive in their victory.

"We're definitely getting ourselves ready for a tough game."

7:25pm: TEAMS

PAN: 1. Caleb Aekins 2. Josh Mansour 3. Dean Whare 4. Stephen Crichton 5. Brian To'o 6. Matt Burton 7. Jarome Luai 8. James Tamou 9. Apisai Koroisau 10. James Fisher-Harris 11. Viliame Kikau 12. Kurt Capewell 13. Isaah Yeo

Interchange: 14. Mitch Kenny 15. Zane Tetevano 16. Moses Leota 19. Billy Burns

WAR: 1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 2. Patrick Herbert 4. Gerard Beale 20. Hayze Perham 21. Adam Pompey 6. Kodi Nikorima 7. Blake Green 8. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown 9. Wayde Egan 10. Adam Blair 11. Eliesa Katoa 12. Tohu Harris 13. Isaiah Papali'i

Interchange: 3. Karl Lawton 14. Jack Murchie 15. Poasa Faamausili 16. King Vuniyayawa