Kiwis top coaching role open to international candidates




International candidates will now be considered for NZRL's top coaching job, a panel reviewing the Kiwis' recent World Cup failure has recommended.

Kiwis coach David Kidwell

Kiwis coach David Kidwell

Source: Photosport

Full details of the wide-ranging, independent review into NZ's shock quarter- final exit won't be made public until early March.

However, the NZRL has chosen to immediately establish two suggestions from the review.

It will allow international candidates to be considered for the role and will establish an independent group to recommend future head coaches.

Current Kiwis coach David Kidwell's position is under serious threat after his team bowed out to Fiji in the first knockout match last November.

However, NZRL chairman Reon Edwards says the changes announced on Monday don't necessarily mean the body is preparing to shut the door on former Kiwis international forward Kidwell.

"While this change is designed to ensure the best possible person is appointed to the job, it should not be read in any way as a comment on the World Cup coach's past performance nor on his possible re-appointment in the role."

A draft summary of the World Cup campaign review was prepared and presented this week by a two-person panel.

The panel comprises recently-appointed chief executive of the Australian Rugby Union Raelene Castle and international sports barrister and player manager Tim Castle, no relation.

Edwards said the full report would be presented at the next board meeting on February 28.

A summary is expected to be made public in early March in conjunction with the body's four-year strategic plan.

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