Kangaroos inflict Canberra carnage on underwhelming Kiwis




The Kiwis have been humbled 30-12 by a rampant Kangaroos side in this year's Anzac Test in Canberra.

New Zealand put in a woeful display in the first half, going into the break 24-0 down, before outscoring Australia in the second half to restore some pride in the loss.


Boyd puts a kick through for Holmes as the siren goes. The winger gets there and claims the try. He was out as he grounds the ball. No try to end the match.

77 mins: NZ 12 AUS 30

Fifita claims a try for the Kangaroos, after diving on a kick through late on. The bunker checks it to find that he's lost the ball in-goal for a Kiwis restart.

75 mins: NZ 12 AUS 30

The Kiwis have a chance after a burst from Foran, he gets the ball back and kicks on the last. Ferguson soars above to win the turnover for the Kangaroos.

70 mins: NZ 12 AUS 30

An attempted 40-20 from Cronk goes over the sideline to give the Kiwis a scrum in front of their own 20m line as we enter the last 10 minutes of the Test match.

66 mins: NZ 12 AUS 30

TRY! Tuivasa-Sheck scores! The Kiwis fullback goes over after some quick hands from his Warriors teammates. He ties the Kangaroos defenders in knots to go over in the corner. Kahu with his second kick of the night. He's got it, the Kiwis aren't giving up without a fight.

61 mins: NZ 6 AUS 30

Jordan Rapana comes up with the most unreal bit of skill to keep the ball in play after spilling a kick from Johnathan Thurston, Australia with the ball in a good field position. The ball goes dead from Thurston's kick on the last.

57 mins: NZ 6 AUS 30

TRY! Have the Kiwis scored? Johnson and Foran combine to put Mannering through. Cronk and Trbojevic manage to tackle him and possibly hold him up in goal. Referee checks with the bunker, the try is good! New Zealand finally on the board through the former skipper. Jordan Kahu with the kick he's got it.

55 mins: NZ 0 AUS 30

Johnson kicks through on the last tackle, Boyd gets the ball but slips over. He's tackled to force a line dropout in the Kiwis' favour.

54 mins: NZ 0 AUS 30

Shaun Johnson wins a penalty he slices through the Kangaroos line, he throws the ball back in the tackle, but an offside Frizell claims it.

52 mins: NZ 0 AUS 30

Foran puts a kick over the top for Kahu and Watene-Zelezniak to chase, Boyd gets there first for the Kangaroos to try and launch a counter attack from inside their own half.

49 mins: NZ 0 AUS 30

Josh Dugan leaves the field after picking up an injury. He limps down the tunnel for what should be the end of his night.

46 mins: NZ 0 AUS 30

TRY! The Kangaroos start the second half the way they ended the first. Trbojevic crashes over after a run from dummy-half. Thurston with the kick, it's good!

41 mins: NZ 0 AUS 24

We're underway in the second half, Cameron Smith kicks off to start the second half.


Johnson throws a forward pass to Whare to bring the first half to an end. The Kangaroos on top in Canberra.

39 mins: NZ 0 AUS 24

Taumalolo goes close for the Kiwis but he loses the ball! Trbojevic snatches the loose ball for the Kangaroos.

38 mins: NZ 0 AUS 24

Australia going for another try before the break now, before Sam Thaiday loses the ball in the tackle. Kiwis scrum.

36 mins: NZ 0 AUS 24

Australia go close on the fourth tackle, Thurston puts a kick through on the last, Mannering misses it completely. It hits the upright before Frizell pounces for another Kangaroos try. Sloppy from the Kiwis. Thurston with the kick from right in front, he's got it easily.

34 mins: NZ 0 AUS 18

The Kiwis trying to work their way back upfield now, they can't concede any more before the break if they've got any hope of turning this game around.

32 mins: NZ 0 AUS 18

Gillett breaks through the Kiwis' line now! He gets the pass away to Ferguson who sprints away to grab another for Australia! The referee wants to check with the bunker, has Ferguson stayed in? He's gone out! The Kiwis get lucky there. No try.

30 mins: NZ 0 AUS 18

TRY! Sam Thaiday cuts straight through the Kiwis line. Chambers gets the ball from the next play and he dances over to score another for Australia! Tapau and Blair miss the tackle that allows the Kangaroos over again. Thurston with the kick, he's got it.

27 mins: NZ 0 AUS 12

Tuivasa-Sheck goes close but is is held up in goal! Ten metre restart for the Kiwis. Johnson finds Rapana with a clever tap, Rapana scores! Or has he? The referee deems it a forward pass. The Kiwis' attacking effort amounts to nothing.

25 mins: NZ 0 AUS 12

The Kiwis with another set after a penalty, Johnson puts a kick through on the last. Proctor can't get there, but he does make the tackle to force another dropout. Good pressure from the Kiwis.

22 mins: NZ 0 AUS 12

Packer fet's the Kiwis close on the fourth tackle. Foran puts a kick through on the last tackle, Holmes kicks the ball dead to force a dropout.

21 mins: NZ 0 AUS 12

Cameron Smith with a massive kick downfield from the next set. Tuivasa-Sheck fields at the back cleans up. Josh Dugan gives away a penalty for the Kiwis.

18 mins: NZ 0 AUS 12

The Kiwis spine combine to give Rapana the ball, he's tackled short of the line, the Kiwis recycle the ball, but Ferguson intercepts! Blake Ferguson runs the length of the field to score the Kangaroos' second try of the night. Thurston with another kick, and it's good! Kangaroos double their lead.

16 mins: NZ 0 AUS 6

Johnson puts a kick through on the last tackle, Thurston gets back in goal and pats the ball away for a Kangaroos dropout. 

14 mins: NZ 0 AUS 6 

Fifita knocks on from the next kick off! Scrum to the Kiwis now in a brilliant position.

13 mins: NZ 0 AUS 6

TRY! The next set sees Australia with another good opportunity. Thurston kicks on the last, Dugan manages to soar above the Kiwis defence and put the ball down and score. Referee wants to check with the bunker. It's all good, Kangaroos break the deadlock in Canberra. Thurston lines up the kick, he's got it with no trouble.

12 mins: NZ 0 AUS 0

The Kangaroos throw the ball around, Thurston and Cronk put Boyd away, who passes back in to Holmes who loses the ball in the tackle! Both sides playing well early on, still no score.

10 mins: NZ 0 AUS 0

Kieran Foran's bought down in goal after a good set from the Kangaroos, line dropout for the Kiwis now.

9 mins: NZ 0 AUS 0

Shaun Johsnon steps through the Kangaroos line! He gets an offload away to Rapana, he puts a kick through but there's too much on it, the ball goes dead. Good start so far from the Kiwis.

7 mins: NZ 0 AUS 0

Rapana goes on a darting run before being bought down by two defenders, Mannering gets the ball next tackle and makes another strong run. Kieran Foran kicks on the last, Will Chambers takes it to keep the Kangaroos safe.

4 mins: NZ 0 AUS 0

The Kiwis waste their first real attacking chance. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck stabs a kick through that none of the Kiwis can get to before it goes out of play.

2 mins: NZ 0 AUS 0

The Kangaroos kick deep at the end of their first set. The Kiwis field it and Taumalolo makes a strong run. Valentine Holmes loses the ball in the tackle to give the Kiwis a scrum 40m out.


We're away! The Kiwis kick off to get things started in Canberra.


Kick off just moments away here in Canberra, Jesse Bromwich leads one final team huddle after the haka.


The anthems are done and dusted, now for the haka.


Jesse Bromwich leads the Kiwis out onto the field. Cameron Smith and the Kangaroos are out next. The anthems of New Zealand and Australia will be played now.


Both sides back in the sheds after their pre game warm-ups. They'll get the final messages from their coaches before coming back out for kick off. A steady crowd building up in Canberra.


After losing 34-8 the last time these two sides met in the Four Nations final at Anfield in 2016, the Kiwis come into this fixture with what on paper appears to be their strongest line up for a number of years.

The all-Warriors spine of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Kieran Foran, Shaun Johnson and Issac Luke will be looking to replicate their club form on the international stage, while the return of barnstorming prop Russell Packer has many across the ditch shaking in their boots.

The Kangaroos will be sweating on the fitness of superstar five-eighth Johnathan Thurston, who comes into this fixture under an injury cloud, with a calf strain troubling the North Queensland captain for the past few weeks.

This could be the last time we see the two sides meet in the traditional Anzac Test, with the Australian Rugby League deeming not enough room in the calendar to accomodate this fixture from 2018 onwards.

The veteran agreed having the same spine at the Warriors for the Kiwis will definitely boost their side's chances in the ANZAC Test.
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Kiwis: 1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, 2. Dallin Watene Zelezniak, 3. Jordan Kahu, 4. Dean Whare, 5. Jordan Rapana, 6. Kieran Foran, 7. Shaun Johnson, 8. Jesse Bromwich (c), 9. Issac Luke, 10. Russell Packer, 11. Kevin Proctor, 12. Simon Mannering, 13. Jason Taumalolo.

Reserves: 14. Adam Blair, 15. Martin Tapau, 16. Kenny Bromwich, 17. Kodi Nikorima.

The Kiwis and Warriors playmakers said they began the tradition back in 2014 during their Four Nations tournament.
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Kangaroos: 1. Darius Boyd, 2. Blake Ferguson, 3. Josh Dugan, 4. Will Chambers, 5. Valentine Holmes, 6. Johnathan Thurston, 7. Cooper Cronk, 8. Andrew Fifita, 9. Cameron Smith (c), 10. David Klemmer, 11. Boyd Cordner, 12. Matt Gillett, 13. Trent Merrin.

Reserves: 14. Michael Morgan, 15. Jake Trbojevic, 16. Tyson Frizell, 17. Sam Thaiday.

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