Joey Johns recounts brilliant tale involving a Stacey Jones mask, the Little General and a night out on the dancefloor

Andrew Johns has welcomed Stacey Jones into the NRL's Hall of Fame with a light-hearted walk down memory lane to a night when the Little General called Johns a "smart ass".

Jones joined Johns in the Hall of Fame last night and soon after on the Wide World of Sports, the Aussie recounted the pair facing off in Jones' 200th game.

"We played Stacey in Auckland for his 200th and they had all these Stacey Jones masks, so I got one. Unfortunately for the Warriors, we beat them over there.

"That night we were out celebrating, so I wore my Stacey Jones mask; cut the mouth out and just going around drinking and dancing and carrying on."

Johns was enjoying his night out in the get-up until a brilliant stroke of fate bumped into him.

"I'm on the dance floor dancing around and next thing I turn around, there's Stace. And Stacey comes up and he goes, 'You smart ass', and he rips the mask off.

"I said, 'Mate, I'm doing it out of respect!' He's gone and screwed it up and threw it in the corner."

Johns finished his tale with a direct message to Jones.

"Stacey, I wasn't taking the mick, mate. I love ya, Stace."