Jazz Tevaga opens up about injury recovery in isolation with 'good mate' Nate Roache - 'He's made it a lot easier'

Jazz Tevaga is hoping to finally contribute to the Warriors' campaign after watching the rollercoaster season restart from the sidelines this weekend, but getting to this point has been an emotional journey in itself.

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Tevaga and Roache have been forced to watch the season restart from the sideline. Source: 1 NEWS

Tevaga has yet to feature for the Warriors this season after requiring ankle surgery last December which had a recovery time of six months.

Inside those six months has been the life-changing experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, though, and the 24-year-old soon found himself having to finish his recovery in Australia while the Warriors set up camp for the season restart.

"It's been tough but I don't have kids or a partner so things are a bit easier for me," Tevaga said.

"But I do miss home - I miss my mum and my dad and my dog.

"I've been itching to get out there with the boys but luckily I have one of my good mates here, Nate Roache, and we're sort of in the same boat so he's made things easier."

Roache has faced similar trials to Tevaga, having not yet featured in a Warriors line-up this year due to a long-term injury of his own.

But unlike Tevaga, Roache has been particularly unlucky his entire career with injuries and has made just 26 NRL appearances since his debut back in 2016 as a result.

Roache's latest injury - an ACL tear last July - actually saw Tevaga start a fundraising campaign for him because he was "heartbroken" by his continued run-in with injuries.

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Roache has suffered another season-ending injury, with Tevaga stepping in to help. Source: 1 NEWS

But the sentiments have been traded in for camaraderie in Australia this year, Tevaga said.

"We've just been honest with each other and giving each other s*** every day," he said of Roache.

"I think that's the best way you can go about - keep each other honest.

Tevaga is hopeful of making his return for the Warriors this weekend when they take on the lowly Titans while Roache is still on the road to recovery.

But Tevaga is sure he'll pull through.

"If he sees me doing something wrong, he'll pull me up on it and I'm the same way with him.

"He's made it a lot easier, that's for sure."