Incoming Warriors coach worked in factory after being axed from last job

The Warriors' plans for 2021 are still up in the air, but that hasn’t stopped players and new coach Nathan Brown from getting stuck into pre-season training.

With a group of players training in Australia, Brown has arrived in New Zealand to take care of the second group based in Auckland.

Brown is bringing some big goals with him too, wanting to polish up the side and push them back into the top eight.

“It's good to say they played good this year, which they all showed good signs, but they showed good signs as a side that ran 10th or 11th,” Brown told 1 NEWS.

Even senior players are on notice to lift their standards.

“It’s just a kind reminder because sometimes, when blokes start playing first grade and they start playing consistently, sometimes they can get a bit complacent.”

As proof of his word, 1 NEWS can reveal prop Agnatius Paasi was let go from the final two years of his contract because Brown wasn't happy with his fitness.

Warriors CEO Cameron George says the club supports the hard-nosed approach.

“All I know is Brownie's had very honest discussions with a number of players and staff,” George said.

“He's expects excellence and he expects them to not come to work after the off-season and then build yourself up.

“He wants them here in good shape from the word ‘go’.”

Put simply, the lesson is ‘don't take your spot for granted'.

Brown is a perfect example of what he’s preaching.

After being let go by Newcastle last August, he took up a new role to provide for his family.

“A mate of mine owned a big factory, I did some work with him for a while,” Brown said.

“All different characters out there…. it was good.”

Starting at 5am, he worked in a Sydney factory that imports everything from razor blades to shampoo but he’s planning on using the experience at his new job.

“[I met some] real characters, real good blokes and you learn in life everyone's got a story,” Brown said.

“It's not different to me I suppose - I ended up at the Warriors and these blokes have all got their story.”

But now that Brown is here, he doesn’t just want the Warriors to think about where they’ve come from but also where they’re going.

And if he gets it right, these characters could all have a special story in 2021.