'I'm not about to roll over' - Kieran Foran refuses to retire despite likely missing 2020 with injury

Kieran Foran may miss the entire 2020 NRL season with his serious shoulder injury but the Kiwis playmaker has ruled out retirement, stating he's determined to overcome it.

Kieran Foran of NZ leaves the field injured. Source: Photosport

Foran was forced from the field earlier this month just six minutes into his first Kiwis Test in over two years during their clash with the Great Britain Lions at Eden Park.

The 29-year-old had to undergo a shoulder reconstruction surgery as a result but the operation revealed "new and additional damage" that hadn't been detected during the MRI scan.

The newfound issues mean Foran will have to undergo another surgery later this month and then endure 9-12 months of rehabilitation afterwards.

Despite the long road ahead - the latest in a string of unfortunate injuries he has faced throughout his career - Foran said he refuses to hang up his boots.

"I'm not about to roll over and put an end to it, that's for sure," Foran told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I feel like my best years are still to come, that's the most frustrating thing.

"Giving up for me at this stage is not an option. Until it's taken from me and I've got no option, but to give up, then I will give up.

"You would probably have to take me off in a wheelchair for that to happen.

"I'm not going to roll over lightly, that's for sure - I'm strong in my beliefs. I believe I still have good footy in me and I believe I can still compete at this level.

Kieran Foran. Source: NRL

Foran has missed 26 NRL games in the past two seasons alone due to shoulder, hamstring, back and quad injuries but heading into his return in the black jersey, he said he felt he was past all of it.

"My body just hasn't been able to consistently turn out, week in and week out. That's been the most frustrating thing personally and from the club's point of view as well.

"I can understand people are disappointed, but no-one is more disappointed in the situation than myself. The most frustrating thing is my body has never felt so good.

"But my shoulder didn't hold up and you say to yourself, 'Geez, what's bloody happening with it?'"

Foran's current NRL contract with the Bulldogs ends after the 2020 season, giving him motivation to try and recover in time so he can still play amongst some of the world's best next year.

"Hopefully, I can get back out there and not injure it again.

"I would be aiming to get back, best [case] probably late July, early August. That's the very best case."