As it happened: Wāhine toa! Warriors women win first NRLW match against Roosters with stellar defensive display

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live updates of this afternoon's NRLW contest between the Roosters and Warriors at ANZ Stadium in Sydney.

FT: SYD 4-10 WAR

The Warriors win it! Superb second half defence has brought them an upset win and they earned it. A composed first up performance and they've etched their names in the history books with it. They'll be annoyed their kicking game didn't quite pin down the Roosters the way they could've but a wins a win and tonight is a pretty special one. That does it for our coverage of this match but stay tuned for live updates of the Warriors and All Blacks later tonight!

59min: SYD 4-10 WAR

BOOM! THAT'S A MASSIVE SHOT FROM MARIU! Kelly looks to run down the left edge and she is smoked by captain. That should win the game. Warriors ball with 20s left.

58min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Knock on by the Warriors 30m from the Roosters line. One last chance for the Roosters.

57min: SYD 4-10 WAR

The defence does it again! Roosters go down the line to the left wing on their last tackle 20m out but the defence is there in numbers and forces another knock on. What a wall from the women this afternoon!

55min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Another stunning defensive set from the Warriors and they force the Roosters mistake! 10m out on the last tackle the Warriors line rushes the playmakers and there's a knock on. Superb pressure and the Kelly buckles under it! Warriors scrum 20m from their line.

54min: SYD 4-10 WAR

That might be the brain explosion the Roosters need to get into the contest. Smalley for some reason runs the ball on the last tackle with the Warriors still in their own half! She's taken down on halfway and gives the Roosters great attacking position.

53min: SYD 4-10 WAR

And still the game remains in a midfield deadlock. Both defences not letting anything through and forcing kicks on the last. Roosters go high once again but Apii Nicholls is all over it again. Warriors set on their 30m with seven minutes left.

50min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Roosters under all sorts of pressure as the Warriors defence swarms them for another impressive defensive set and there's a knock on! Warriors scrum 35m from their own line.

47min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Roosters grubber on the last tackle but Apii-Nicholls swoops across and slides in to take it 3m from her line. Warriors then get a penalty early in the set for getting held down too long so they get out of their half.

44min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Game continues to being fought in the middle of the field with neither side getting deep into the others' territory. This could come down to who cracks first as time ticks on.

42min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Strong set from the Warriors is finished by a pinpoint kick on the last tackle by Mariu. Roosters stuck inside their 10m.

41min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Warriors defence survives as the Roosters make another handling error. Warriors scrum 10m from their line.

38min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Roosters back on attack after a linebreak from Brown. They're 5m out on the last tackle but the Warriors are penalised for a two-player strip! More pressure on the Warriors.

36min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Big tackle from Apii-Nicholls on the last stops the Roosters from scoring. Warriors with the ball 2m from their line.

35min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Yikes. That's 30 seconds Vailea will want to forget. She drops the ball cold 2m from the Roosters line to hand the ball over before giving up a penalty 20s later for holding on to long in the next tackle. Roosters go from defending their line to a new set on halfway.

33min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Warriors get a good chance early after the Roosters are penalised for holding down in the tackle too long. Warriors kick for touch and get a new set 40m from Sydney's line.

30min: SYD 4-10 WAR

Warriors get things back underway.

HT: SYD 4-10 WAR

First half of the NRLW is wrapped up and the Warriors are in front! Rightfully so after owning the first 25 minutes of the match in all areas of the game but a lapse in discipline gave the Roosters their chance and they converted. If the Warriors can remain disciplined and keep using their pack to make big metres, they should win the first ever NRLW match. Exciting final 30 coming up.

28min: SYD 4-10 WAR

SYD TRY! Roosters get on the board with midfield weapon Kelly! She cuts back to the right from 10m out and sees a hole. Blitzes between two defenders and reaches out to score. Big two minutes before halftime coming up for the Warriors.

26min: SYD 0-10 WAR

Pressure continuing to mount as the Warriors give up another penalty. Roosters just 10m out now.

25min: SYD 0-10 WAR

Warriors are penalised for being offside and gives the Roosters a chance to get back in this contest. They'll start their set 40m from the Warriors' line.

23min: SYD 0-10 WAR

Roosters are again penalised after another handling error and it gives the Warriors more attacking chances. Kiwi club with a new set on halfway.

21min: SYD 0-10 WAR

Warriors with a knock on after the kick off. So that gives the Roosters a scrum 10m from halfway.

20min: SYD 0-10 WAR

WAR TRY! Gago goes in under the pasts off a beauty of a pass from Mariu in the midfield. Short, flat and timed for Gago to run onto and she hits the line with speed. Can't be stopped and the Warriors build on their lead.

17min: SYD 0-4 WAR

Warriors get a pair of penalties now so they're in great field position to launch an attack. New set 40m from the Roosters' line.

16min: SYD 0-4 WAR

Stoppage in play as Nuuausala receives some attention after absolutely flattening a Roosters runner. It looks like it's her knee. She's getting it strapped in the hopes of playing on. Warriors ball on their 10m.

15min: SYD 0-4 WAR

Pair of penalites gives Roosters some great territory. New set 20m out from the Warriors line.

12min: SYD 0-4 WAR

Roosters hold on with a big tackle as there's a knock on 2m from the line. Syndey scrum on their 10m. 

11min: SYD 0-4 WAR

Brilliant set after kickoff from the Warriors as they make 50m in the set. There's a deflection from the Roosters on the last tackle so it's six more and only 20m out!

10min: SYD 0-4 WAR

WAR TRY! HISTORY! Warriors winger Hilda Mariu scores the first try in NRLW history as the Kiwi club uses numbers on the right wing. Simple draw and pass and a classy finish in the corner from Mariu. Kiwis convert on all their early pressure.

7min: SYD 0-0 WAR

Warriors continue to dominate the early going as the Roosters remain pinned in there half and force yet another mistake! Knock on in the play the ball so the Warriors get a scrum just inside the Roosters' 20m. Big chance here.

5min: SYD 0-0 WAR

Strange move from Studdon. On the third tackle, she kicks the ball out on the full! Warriors say "thanks!" and get a scrum on halfway.

4min: SYD 0-0 WAR

Warriors get within 2m of the line before the last but can't break the Roosters so they go for a kick on the last tackle. It's high and too deep. Bounces dead for a Roosters 20m restart.

2min: SYD 0-0 WAR

Strong start for the Warriors witha 57m set. They go high on the last and the Roosters recover but a massive tackle sees Brown driven back inside her 10m. Roosters are swamped in their opening set and there's a knock on! Warriors scrum 25m from the Roosters line. Perfect start!


Roosters get things underway!


The Warriors women play their first competitive match against the Roosters this weekend.
Source: 1 NEWS

The Warriors women are set to make history as they feature in the first professional women's rugby league match this afternoon but they'll have their work cut out for them against a strong Roosters outfit.

The Kiwi club has been forced to make a few altercations to their line up for this afternoon's contest with Onjeurlina Laiataua shifting to the back-row and Tamika Jazz Noble-Bell dropping to the bench.

Sarina Clark has been promoted from the bench to start at centre while Lorina Papali'i, mother of Warriors player Isaiah, will come off the bench.

Against them is a star-studded Roosters pack filled with 10 NSW players.

A key combo the Warriors will need to shut down is halves pairing Maddie Studdon and Lavina O'Mealey but there will also be focus put on centre Isabelle Kelly.


SYD: 1. Botille Vette-Welsh, 2. Karina Brown, 3. Shontelle Stowers, 4. Isabelle Kelly, 5. Taleena Simon, 6. Lavina O'Mealey, 7. Maddie Studdon, 8. Simaima Taufa (c), 9. Kylie Hilder, 10. Elianna Walton, 11. Tazmin Gray, 12. Vanessa Foliaki, 13. Zahara Temara

Interchange: 14. Nita Maynard, 15. Sarah Togatuki, 16. Chloe Caldwell, 17. Victoria Latu

WAR: 1 Apii Nicholls, 2 Langi Veainu, 3 Shontelle Woodman, 14 Sarina Clark, 5 Hilda Mariu, 6 Laura Mariu (C), 7 Georgia Hale, 8 Annetta-Claudia Nuuausala, 9 Krystal Rota, 10 Aieshaleigh Smalley, 4 Onjeurlina Leiataua, 12 Alice Vailea, 13 Luisa Gago

Interchange: 11 Tanika-Jazz Noble-Bell, 15 Lorina Papali’i, 18 Sui Tauasa-Pauaraisa, 17 Kahurangi Peters

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