'Gross disappointment of underachieving' - Peter Sterling slams woeful Warriors

Rugby league great Peter Sterling has come out firing against the Warriors but has sympathy for their coach Stephen Kearney.

Sterling, speaking on his television segment Sterlo's Wrap, broke down the Warriors season and the frustrations Kearney is feeling after their 46-12 thrashing at home against the Raiders last weekend.

At halftime, Kearney was seen letting loose with a verbal spraying at his players that involved some big gestures and the kicking of a towel - a meltdown Sterling admits may have looked "a bit comical" but shows what Kearney is going through.

"Stephen Kearney is probably the most even-tempered not just coach, but individual, you will ever meet," Sterling said.

"So for this reaction at half-time... if Stephen Kearney gets that angry with what his side has produced, the fans have every right to just go 'well, what is going on there?"

Sterling added what would've frustrated Kearney even more was the extra motivation his side should've been carrying into the match knowing they needed two points to stay within range of the top eight.

Instead, the side fell behind 30-0 in the opening 40 minutes and Kearney was left furious.

Sterling said he can understand the coach's anger.

"It's a roster full of talent, this is a desperate game for them.

"For Stephen Kearney to come out and say that his side, which is a big side and can be aggressive, they were bullied from minute one in that game, that's the last thing in the world that a coach wants to have to refer to his team in that regard.

"If you're a Warriors fan, again, it's a gross disappointment of underachieving this year, put a black [line] through them."