Exclusive: 'It was unbelievable' - Jarryd Hayne opens up about spiritual journey and baptism in Jerusalem

NRL and Fiji star Jarryd Hayne has opened up for the first time about his spiritual journey to Jerusalem.

Hayne, 29, was in Jerusalem last week, visiting the city in the hopes of strengthening his Christian faith.

"I guess I always wanted to go to Jerusalem, it's something that I guess reading the Bible and all the Bible characters, the stories – it was something that was inevitable really," Hayne said.

"It kind of surprised me that not many people had gone from Australia and when I very first started going to church I was kind of curious as to why not? If that is what we believe in and where it started."

Hayne told 1 NEWS in Sydney today that visiting the Sea of Galilee, Mount of Olives and exploring Jerusalem city was emotionally moving.

Jarryd Hayne being baptised in the Jordan River while visiting Jerusalem.
Jarryd Hayne being baptised in the Jordan River while visiting Jerusalem. Source: Supplied

"It was unbelievable, you can't really explain it."

The star back, who rejoined the Eels after leaving the Gold Coast Titans recently, admitted he was worried about travelling to the city after the uproar that followed US President Donald Trump's announcement recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

"I was pretty scared going down first night but I had a good tour guide with me," he said.

"Walking down the first day (through Jerusalem) seeing how people hold themselves, not letting fear overcome them. That's something that overwhelmed me, these people don't fear death."

Hayne said that he was astounded by the way people prayed and moved around the city.

"That was something that really stuck out to me. They know their calling – they are not looking for something to live for but they are looking for something to die for and to them God is worth dying for.

"You see people at the Western wall praying and even the Muslims at their precinct as well, there was no fear of repercussions or whatsoever and that's something that really stood out on the trip."

Hayne was also baptised for a second time while in the city.

"It was awesome, it was in the Jordan River the same river that Jesus got baptised in and that was really special.

"It will definitely be something that I will look back on in years to come and say how special it was to go over there and do that."

The NRL star recently travelled to Jerusalem to strengthen his faith. Source: 1 NEWS