SBW talks new deal with Wolfpack, support from 'ride or die' wife and thoughts of staying in NZ

Sonny Bill Williams has spoken about his new deal with the Toronto Wolfpack and the discussions he had with his wife and family about it, having originally planned to stay in New Zealand for at least another year after the Rugby World Cup.

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Williams spoke to 1 NEWS Europe Correspondent Daniel Faitaua about life after signing with the Toronto Wolfpack. Source: 1 NEWS

The former All Black sat down with 1 NEWS Europe Correspondent Daniel Faitaua shortly after his press conference in London about joining the Canadian Super League club when he was asked how the family is feeling about the move.

"My wife is hapū [pregnant]," Williams said.

"We're expecting our fourth child, god willing he's nice in healthy, in February and that's actually when the Super League season starts.

"The beautiful about family and about us Islanders, we have lots of family so mum, dad and my stepmother will be helping out.

"So yes, for [my wife], her anxiety levels are up there but we've done a lot in our planning - especially the last couple of weeks since I've come back from the World Cup to help bring that down."

Williams said he was looking forward to the "amazing opportunity" but knew it was about more than him.

"As a rugby league player that's playing rugby league in North America - if that can take off, imagine the doors it can open for young Kiwis coming through. It's just another avenue for success for themselves and their families."

Faitaua asked Williams if there was anyone else, such as mentors or former teammates, he turned to for advice about the two-year deal, which is reportedly worth $10 million.

But Williams said there's only one person he needed to check in with - and it wasn't his manager.

"Is there anyone else that you need to ask besides your wife, bro?" Williams said as the pair began to laugh.

"She was the first person I hit up and I said, 'what do you think?' Because we intended to stay in New Zealand for another season but obviously that didn't come to fruition but this great opportunity came along.

"My wife is my ride or die and she just said, 'babe, if you think it's right, I'm there, let's go,' and that's why I love that lady.

"And then I copped the heat afterwards!"