Departing coach Todd Payten expects Warriors to be a threat in 2021

Warriors caretaker coach Todd Payten believes the resiliency his team showed throughout their Australian bubble gives him confidence of a return to the finals next NRL season.

Todd Payten. Source: Photosport

The Warriors ended their arduous campaign on a winning note on Sunday after running in eight tries on Manly to finish in 10th spot.

Almost 150 days after being forced to relocate, first to Tamworth, and then the Central Coast, the Warriors will now return home to New Zealand on Monday.

And while Payten will begin preparations to take over as North Queensland coach, he is confident the Warriors will be a threat under their own new coach in Nathan Brown.

"I've got no doubt (they will). We've got a really good footy team there," Payten said.

"I've been asked a few times, 'Why can't the Warriors get it together?' Athletically they're great, they can execute skills with their catch pass.

"It's just knowing when to do it, and obviously the effort required consistently for the full 80 minutes.

"At the bare minimum, you need the right effort to put yourselves in the game and I think they've given that over time. That's what I'm most proud about."