Court hears graphic details in rape trial of NRL star Jack de Belin

Warning: graphic content throughout: NRL star Jack de Belin repeatedly raped a tearful teenager before asking why she was "being so emotional", a jury has heard.

Jack de Belin. Source: Getty

"It wasn't bad, it was good," the 29-year-old allegedly told the woman as she cried in the bathroom of a North Wollongong unit in December 2018.

The St George Illawarra player and friend Callan Sinclair, 23, have both pleaded not guilty to the aggravated sexual assault of the 19-year-old after meeting her in Wollongong bar Mr Crown.

Outlining the crown case on Tuesday, barrister David Scully said the woman went to the unit in the early hours of December 9 on the understanding the men needed to charge their phones before hitting another club.

As she used an ensuite toilet, de Belin walked in naked and started showering, the Wollongong District Court jury was told.

Mr Scully said the woman quickly left the room, saw Sinclair seated clothed on the bed and felt de Belin undoing her top.

Pushed onto the bed, the woman is expected to tell the jury she tried to cover herself as the men said words to the effect of "show us your tits".

After the woman said she wanted to go home, the rugby league star pulled her legs apart, placed his hand around her throat, rested his forearm on her chest and began intercourse, Mr Scully alleged.

She's expected to tell the jury she was crying and felt "numb".

"On the Crown case, the calls to stop and attempts to resist fell on deaf ears and there came a point where she felt incapable of offering any resistance," he said.

Turning to Sinclair, de Belin said "come have a go" and made way for his co-accused.

The footballer proceeded to rape the woman orally, swapping positions several times with Sinclair.

When Sinclair failed in an attempt to have anal sex, the then-21-year-old left and went to the bathroom.

While away, de Belin moved the woman to an ottoman and resumed penile-vaginal intercourse.

"The complainant had tears pouring down her cheeks," Mr Scully said.

After de Belin ejaculated on her back, the woman went to the shower, continued crying and said she didn't want to have sex.

In reply, Mr Sinclair said nothing while Mr de Belin said "why are you being so emotional? It wasn't bad. It was good", she is expected to tell the jury.

Mr Scully said the footballer told the woman "you can keep your mouth shut, can't you?"

She replied "yes".

The trio caught an Uber back into Wollongong's night district, with de Belin handing the woman $50 "for the Uber and to keep your mouth shut".

Mr Scully said the woman told friends, family and work colleagues what had happened before making a formal police statement and agreeing to a medical examination.

The woman's DNA was later found in the unit, which was the home of de Belin's cousin.

The jury is expected to see CCTV from Mr Crown, including the woman dancing, playing with de Belin's hat and, at one point, kissing Sinclair.

Mr Scully said the "friendliness" ended when the trio got back to the unit "where there were no cameras".

The jury would hear intercepted phone calls involving the accused men in which they effectively accept sexual activity occurred but they say it was consensual, Mr Scully said.

De Belin's mother and sister, as well as a person "connected with" St George, may give evidence during the trial, his barrister, David Campbell SC, said.

He asked the jury to keep an open mind as things may at first appear "cogent, strong and accurate" but seem different as more pieces of the puzzle emerged.

The footballer "doesn't and never has" disputed sexual activity took place.

"The issue he is raising is: everything happened with the consent of those involved," Mr Campbell said.

Craig Smith SC, for Sinclair, echoed the statements about consent and reiterated his client didn't sexually assault the teenager.

"There is evidence both before and after that activity that is consistent with that activity being consensual activity," he said.

The trial continues.