Courageous Baby Blues hold on to beat relentless Queensland Maroons, clinch Origin series after late sin-bin

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of tonight's second State of Origin match at ANZ Stadium in Sydney.


The Blues do it - they hold on and they have defeated the Maroons 18-14, they lead the series 2-0 after being reduced to 12 men late in the second half. A sensational game of rugby league, Brad Fittler's rookies come up with a stunning victory in Sydney, a match that went right down to the wire.

79 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14

KNOCK-ON! Damien Cook puts in a smart grubber kick into the Queenslanders' in-goal and the visitors have fumbled the ball. The Blues have a scrum on the 10m line with 30 seconds left on the clock.

78 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14

PENALTY! Queensland are penalised after a Queensland player is ruled to have attempted to trip a NSW player. James Roberts is about to return to the field.

76 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14

DEFENCE! The Maroons go sideline to sideline and Will Chambers kicks the ball dead, he gives the NSW Blues another lifeline - a seven tackle set.

74 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14

Boyd Cordner is rocked by a huge hit from his Roosters teammate Dylan Napa who makes a strong run at the line. Queensland get a penalty go their way after Tyrone Peachey is penalised for putting out a stray boot as he attempted a tackle.

72 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14

Nathan Cleary saves the day for the Blues as Valentine Holmes looks to be in the clear down the left edge. Cleary lunges at Holmes and makes a crucial try saving tackle. Holmes is forced to pass the ball in the field of play and Tom Trbojevic pounces onto the loose ball.

70 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14

The Blues are down to 12 men and Maroons half Ben Hunt decides to kick on the third tackle, but he has overcooked it with his kick bouncing over the dead ball line.

69 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14

Kalyn Ponga makes a sensational break down the right side. The Queenslanders are hot on attack - Ben Hunt puts in a clever kick and James Roberts is sent to the bin for 10 minutes after taking out Maroons second rower Gavin Cooper who was chasing the ball.

66 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14

MISTAKE! Latrell Mitchell makes a great break down the left edge and he throws an offload to Josh Addo-Carr, but the Blues winger is too flat and the ball bounces over the touch-line. 

62 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14

TRY! There is an overlap down the right edge and Will Chambers punishes the NSW Blues for the mistake as he dives over to score. Queensland are back in this thrilling Origin match.

Valentine Holmes is offline with his conversion attempt from the sideline.

61 mins: NSW 18 QLD 10

MISTAKE! A poor finish to the set from the Queensland Maroons but they get the ball back after Latrell Mitchell throws a loose pass to Josh Addo-Carr which hits the ground.

55 mins: NSW 18 QLD 10

The first error from Maroons fullback Billy Slater who throws a forward pass to Will Chambers, it appears the big defensive hit from Latrell Mitchell has the visitors second guessing about their attacking options.

54 mins: NSW 18 QLD 10

Latrell Mitchell puts on a huge hit on Cameron Munster! The Queenslands Maroons get another set inside the Blues' half after Ben Hunt's kick on the last is played at by Mitchell and goes into touch.

50 mins: NSW 18 QLD 10

TRY! Relentless pressure from the Blues and back to back sets - the NSW Blues cross over first in the second half with Latrell Mitchell powering over to score. NSW go sideline to sideline and James Tedesco takes the right option on the last and goes down the blindside and passes the ball to Latrell Mitchell who beats Will Chambers and scores his first try of the match.

James Maloney nails his conversion attempt from the sideline.

47 mins: NSW 12 QLD 10

KNOCK-ON! Jack de Belin forces an error from Ben Hunt with a big tackle. The referees spot a knock on from Ben Hunt and the Blues are in prime attacking position inside the Maroons' 20m line.

45 mins: NSW 12 QLD 10

Billy Slater combines with Valentine Holmes and Holmes makes a great break down the left side of the field. The Maroons winger steps James Roberts and he makes a sensational run up field. The Maroons have the Blues back pedalling but they end up passing the ball into touch. Blues lucky on this occassion not to leak points.

42 mins: NSW 12 QLD 10

Queensland again looking dangerous on attack, this time it is Cameron Munster who is creating chances for the Maroons. Blues winger Tom Trbjevic makes a good pick and makes a good run on the first tackle. 

40 mins: NSW 12 QLD 10

And we are back underway with Queensland kicking off towards the Blues!


What a spectacular half of footy! Looked earlier on that it could be a blow out for the Queensland Maroons but the Blues kept the faith and bounced back with two tries and lead 12-10 at the break. Billy Slater has been the key attacking weapon for the Queenslanders, creating chances for his outside backs with his smart footy knowledge.

The Blues wingers have been caught out a few times on defence which has led to the two tries of the Maroons. Strap yourselves in it is going to be a huge second half of rugby league!

39 mins: NSW 12 QLD 10

GOAL-LINE DROPOUT! Cameron Munster creates an opportunity, stepping before offloading the ball to Maroons skipper Greg Inglis who spins out of a tackle but he comes up five metres short of getting over the Blues' goal-line. Munster grubbers the ball into the in-goal and the Blues skipper Boyd Cordner is trapped in his own in-goal.

34 mins: NSW 12 QLD 10

The Blues are on the back foot here as the Queenslanders apply real pressure on defence with some big tackles. David Klemmer throws an offload to nobody and Kalyn Ponga dives onto the loose ball. Queensland are in prime attacking position deep inside the Blues' half.

31 mins: NSW 12 QLD 10

Latrell Mitchell (NSW).
Rugby League - 2018 State of Origin, Game 1 played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) between the NSW Blues v QLD Maroons on 6 June 2018.
Latrell Mitchell in action for NSW Blues against the Queensland Maroons during game one of State of Origin 2018. Source: Photosport

PENALTY TRY! The Blues opt to kick early on the third tackle and Ben Hunt has taken out Blues skipper Boyd Cordner who looks to be in with all money to score. Could be a penalty try here and the officials in the bunker award the Blues a penalty try. The Blues hit the front for the first time of the match.

James Maloney nails his shot at goal from out in front of the posts.

28 mins: NSW 6 QLD 10

DEFENCE! A big defensive effort from Blues rookies Latrell Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr as they drag Dane Gagai into touch. Kalyn Ponga has entered the game!

26 mins: NSW 6 QLD 10

TRY! The Blues opt to run it on the last and James Maloney throws the money ball at Josh Addo-Carr who steps through two defenders and powers his way over to score the Blues' first try of the match.

James Maloney is online with his kick at goal from a difficult angle.

24 mins: NSW 0 QLD 10

PENALTY! The Blues catch a break as the referee blows his whistle and rules that the Maroons are offside. The Blues now hot on attack deep inside the Queenslanders' half.

23 mins: NSW 0 QLD 10

Queensland have all the momentum and possession right now, Blues on the ropes right now.

19 mins: NSW 0 QLD 10

TRY! This time the Maroons go down the right edge and it is another poor defensive read from the Blues, Billy Slater links up with Will Chambers with Chambers throwing a sneaky offload for Dane Gagai to score in the right hand corner.

Valentine Holmes hooks his attempt at goal and it is through the uprights, an excellent kick.

18 mins: NSW 0 QLD 4

Looks like it is starting to open up here for the Blues down the left edge as Josh Addo-Carr makes a break but Maroons winger Dane Gagai does superb to push him into touch.

16 mins: NSW 0 QLD 4

PENALTY! Josh Addo-Carr is ruled to have contacted Dane Gagai in the air and attempted a tackle, a bad end to a good set from NSW. Queensland get out of jail.

13 mins: NSW 0 QLD 4

TRY! Valentine Holmes crosses over for the first try of the match. Some slick passing from the Queenslanders and it is Greg Inglis that delivers the final pass to Holmes. The Blues winger Tom Trbojevic is the man guilty of coming in off his wing and not trusting his inside defenders.

Holmes fails to convert his try from the sideline. 

12 mins: NSW 0 QLD 0

GOAL-LINE DROPOUT! It is a poor kick on the last from Cameron Munster but Dane Gagai regathers the ball and puts in a smart grubber into the Blues' in-goal. James Tedesco gets to the ball first but he can't get out of his own in-goal.

10 mins: NSW 0 QLD 0

The Blues get their real first chance on attack, James Maloney puts in a clever chip kick for Latrell Mitchell who regathers the ball but he can't get rid of it and he is tackled five metres out of the Maroons' goal-line.

8 mins: NSW 0 QLD 0

NO TRY! Queensland look to have drawn first blood, but the officials in the bunker rule that Dane Gagai has gone into touch as he grounded the ball in the right hand corner. Billy Slater has been great for the Queenslanders creating chances for his players on the outside edges. 

7 mins: NSW 0 QLD 0

PENALTY! The Maroons get a much needed penalty as they were on the struggling to make metres. Will Chambers is tackled and dragged into touch by Latrell Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr. The officials rule that Chambers was tackled, an unlucky call that goes in the way of the visitors.

4 mins: NSW 0 QLD 0

Queensland shift the ball down the left edge and Billy Slater is already creating opportunities for the Maroons. He links up with Valentine Holmes, Holmes grubbers the ball back in field but they can't regather the ball. The Blues have the ball inside their own 20.

2 mins: NSW 0 QLD 0

Queensland struggle to make metres up field and end up kicking on the last inside their own half. Some big shots going in from the Blues defenders. The Blues don't have much luck either on attack with Nathan Cleary kicking the ball on the last inside his own half. His kick is high but the Queenslanders make a safe catch.


KICK-OFF! James Maloney gets the second match underway with a long kick down field towards the Queenslanders.


The inexperienced Blues team took out Game I against the Queensland Maroons 22-12 in Melbourne after spectacular performances from the likes of James Tedesco and James Maloney.

NSW have one change in their starting line up from Game I with Matt Prior replacing Reagan Campbell-Gillard who broke his jaw in the Panthers' NRL clash against the Roosters last week.

Queensland welcome back veteran star fullback Billy Slater who has been named to start with NRL youngster Kalyn Ponga named on the Maroons bench.

Brad Fittler's (Blues coach) 11 rookies stepped up against the Maroons with Latrell Mitchell, Josh Addo-Carr and Tom Trbojevic scoring crucial tries in their Origin debuts.

Greg Inglis was instrumental for Queensland, setting the tone with his huge defensive tackles in Game I, he returns as skipper again for the Maroons.

The Penrith combination of James Maloney and Nathan Cleary will be up against Queenslands' halves Cameron Munster and Ben Hunt.

Queensland need to win tonight's match to keep the series alive, with the final match set to be played at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on July 11.

NSW: 1 James Tedesco, 2 Tom Trbojevic, 3 Latrell Mitchell, 4 James Roberts, 5 Josh Addo-Carr, 6 James Maloney, 7 Nathan Cleary, 8 David Klemmer, 9 Damien Cook, 10 Matt Prior, 11 Boyd Cordner (c) 12 Tyson Frizell, 13 Jack de Belin,

INTERCHANGE: 14 Paul Vaughan, 15 Jake Trbojevic, 16 Angus Crichton, 17 Tyrone Peachey, 18 Tariq Sims, 19 Luke Keary, 20 Ryan James

QUEENSLAND: 1 Billy Slater, 2 Valentine Holmes, 3 Greg Inglis (c), 4 Will Chambers, 5 Dane Gagai, 6 Cameron Munster, 7 Ben Hunt, 8 Dylan Napa, 9 Andrew McCullough, 10 Jarrod Wallace, 11 Gavin Cooper, 12 Felise Kaufusi, 13 Josh McGuire.

INTERCHANGE: 14 Kalyn Ponga, 15 Josh Papalii, 16 Coen Hess. 17 Jai Arrow. 18. Tim Glasby.

31 mins: NSW 12 QLD 10
54 mins: NSW 18 QLD 10
79 mins: NSW 18 QLD 14