Controversial Warriors signing out to 'change tune' of critics

Matt Lodge isn't worried about fans criticising his controversial signing with the Warriors, but he does believe he can "change their tune" with his play for the club.

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Matt Lodge said his past 'experiences' have helped him become the player he is now. Source: 1 NEWS

The Warriors made headlines last week after they confirmed their latest recruit in their mid-season spending spree with Lodge joining the club after he was released by the Broncos.

"I'm just happy it's all behind me now and I can come in here and start training," Lodge told reporters this afternoon.

"A couple of years ago I nearly came to the Warriors... I just want to slot in, earn respect of everyone I play with and I can only do that through my footy."

Lodge is a polarising figure in the NRL due to his reckless assault conviction from 2015 which stemmed from a violent home invasion in New York.

The 26-year-old avoided a 12-month jail term in the US with a plea deal but was sacked by his club at the time, the West Tigers.

He also faced a civil lawsuit for US$2 million. 

Lodge was eventually cleared to return to the NRL in 2018 following the incident and had a clean record on and off the field with the Broncos.

Matt Lodge. Source: Getty

He told reporters this afternoon he's a different person now.

"Obviously all those experiences lead you to where you are now," Lodge said.

"I've come to the Warriors to do my role that I do and that's going forward in the middle and that's what they expect.

"Hopefully my reputation will be going hard on the field and just doing my job just to get us over the line."

Lodge conceded he knows there's noise from fans about his past but hopes his play will have them "changing their tune".

"I'm pretty used to [the noise] now and I don't think there's a club I would sign with that someone wouldn't be happy about. It is what it is and there's going to be those people everywhere," he said.

"Apologies to them but I'm not going to stop my whole career because of an opinion.

"Hopefully my performances can help them overlook that but I don't really have to worry about that."

Lodge joins the 12th-placed Warriors in the midst of a four-game losing streak.