Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad's rise to NRL stardom with Raiders fuelled by his family

Unwanted by the Warriors, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad has become an instant star in a dream debut season with the high-flying Canberra Raiders.

1 NEWS was there eight years ago when his remarkable journey started at one of the most difficult times for the Nicoll-Klokstad family.

That chapter has been driving the Raiders star, who has been labelled one of the best buys of 2019, ever since.

With all the talented outside backs at the Warriors it meant he had to leave after making just seven appearances in two years.

But he had nowhere to go and was preparing for pre-season in Auckland when he got a call from former Warriors coach Andrew Mcfadden now with the Raiders.

"How it’s all sort of worked itself out is such a blessing, eh," Nicoll-Klokstad told 1 NEWS.

"I signed the contract Thursday night and flew out Friday morning, started training on Saturday."

A starter in all 18 games this season, he has 10 tries while his stats are in the top five with the game's million-dollar men.

He currently earns just a tenth of that, although Raiders management used the trip here for Friday’s showdown with the Warriors to meet Nicoll-Klokstad’s agent about a big money upgrade.

"I’ve never been in this position man so that’s why I’m just, it’s all hands-on deck for my manager," Nicoll-Klokstad said.

It'll be just reward for the Auckland-born star who we first met in 2011, travelling with his family to see mother Monica who spent four years in prison.

"It's not often that we see our mum. Don't see her when you wake up in the morning, when you go to sleep at night," Nicoll-Klokstad said in 2011.

Spending just two hours together on Sundays were tough. Even more difficult was when dad Perry readied the family for a move to Australia where Nicoll-Klokstad would start chasing his rugby league dream.

"The sacrifices and challenges we’ve been through as a family, it’s shaped the person I am today and I want to be that person who stands by their word," Nicoll-Klokstad said.

"You know, if I can be a great example, for my kids as well I want to take the lessons I’ve learned through my life and try and be better for them as well."

Recently, Nicoll-Klokstad opened up about the loss of his brother Tyson in 2010 following a battle with muscular dystrophy. It's why he's so passionate about helping the disabled community.

Life's challenges have made this season in Canberra a dream come true and it's a journey that goes full circle at Mt Smart where dad and mum will be watching on Friday which also happens to be his 24th birthday.