Bulldogs hit with $272,000 NRL fine after 'inexcusable' Mad Monday antics

The Bulldogs have been slapped with a proposed $250,000 (NZ$272,000) fine for their Mad Monday celebrations which NRL boss Todd Greenberg has labelled as "damaging" to the game.

The NRL announced the punishment this afternoon, stating it reflects the "seriousness of the behaviour" after it was revealed on Tuesday players from the eliminated club were seen naked, throwing up and passing out.

"The club organised the event and failed to implement the most basic of measures to ensure it was conducted in an appropriate way," Greenberg said.

"The club’s failure to manage the event followed specific directives to all clubs to ensure these type of events do not damage our game.

"The players’ behaviour embarrassed themselves, their club and the game on the eve of the Finals Series."

The NRL also confirmed three players are being investigated by police.

"The actions of some players and officials was inexcusable and we are determined to send a message that it will not be tolerated on this occasion – or in the future," Greenberg said.

"There has been a real improvement in player behaviour this year – and we should all acknowledge that.

"But to have this kind of incident on the eve of our finals is more than disappointing and there has to be a deterrent to ensure we have no repeat of this behaviour."

The NRL said the club's response will be taken into consideration before a final penalty is determined.

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