Benji Marshall proud of tears during national anthem - 'It's not embarrassing, it's passion'

Returning Kiwis half Benji Marshall has proudly stated he wasn't embarrassed about showing his emotions during the national anthem before last night's Test against Mate Ma'a Tonga.

After a seven-year hiatus, Marshall said he embraced the moment whole-heartedly.

"When the anthem came on I lost it there a bit," he said.

"Regarding those emotions, it was just everything put together. I knew I missed the jersey but I didn't know how much it really meant to me until this week and that sort of moment and it just hit me.

"It's not embarrassing, it's emotion and passion."

Marshall said teammates stopped singing the anthem when they realised he was emotional and reminded him "we got you, koro".

The playmaker said in the moment, thoughts of his family came to him which made him emotional.

"I didn't think about it during the week but at the time I just realised my grandfather passed away last year and he never got to see me wear the jersey for another time.

"Obviously my wife and my son were there - they came last minute. Having my son be able to reflect on some of those photos of after the game being on the field and knowing that his dad played for the Kiwis and he got to see it is something I'm going to treasure for life."

Marshall went on to help the Kiwis to an impressive 34-14 victory.

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Marshall said thought's of his late grandfather and his son in the stands came to him in the emotional moment. Source: 1 NEWS

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