Benji Marshall 'got teary' putting Kiwis jersey back on after seven long years

Recalled Kiwis veteran Benji Marshall has admitted it has been a rollercoaster of emotions during today's team photoshoot and media day in Auckland.

The 34-year-old will be making his international return this weekend against Mate Ma'a Tonga after playing his last Test in 2012.

The Wests Tigers superstar admitted he had to remove himself from the rest of his teammates after putting on the black jersey.

"I got a little bit emotional," said Marshall.

"I was with the boys and I had to actually walk out where everyone was putting their gear on and go into the bathroom.

"Actually got teary - I went into the bathroom for a bit and composed myself a bit."

He said his teammates cheered once he re-joined the group dressed in his Kiwis uniform.

"Went out to the boys and their reaction made me freak out a bit," he said. "They were like, 'Woah!'

"It's just awesome. Honestly, I am just really humbled to be here."

Marshall said his family's reaction to his recall was also a special moment.

"It means a lot, it definitely does," he said. "But seeing my family's reaction to the news - first of all making the squad, but then now that I am playing – just the pride that it meant to them, it really hit home.

"They were crying and saying how unbelievable it is. Just how much it meant to them – it made me think of why I started playing and that was for my family.

"Being back here now, it is quite ironic. I'm back here representing them. I'm pretty stoked."

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The NRL star admitted he had to go into the bathroom to compose himself during a team photoshoot. Source: 1 NEWS

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