Australia secure comfortable win over spirited Mate Ma'a Tonga in historic Test

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of this historic Test match between the Kangaroos and Mate Ma'a Tonga from Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland.

FULLTIME: Tonga 16 Australia 34

That's it, Australia hold out for a comfortable win, but what a second half from Tonga. The world champions return to winning ways in style, but what a night for Tonga, and international rugby league as a whole!

79 mins: Tonga 16 Australia 34

Fusitu'a is clean through, but Tedesco is there again, along with Cook, to make the tackle. Cook is sent to the bin for not allowing the play-the-ball. Not long left now.

78 mins: Tonga 16 Australia 34

Slight delay as Michael Jennings stays down with what looks like cramp, Tonga look to run but give away the ball.

75 mins: Tonga 16 Australia 34

Another drop out forced, as Tonga kick through again, but guess who's there? Tedesco. The fullback is tackled in goal and Tonga have their sixth drop out of the match.

73 mins: Tonga 16 Australia 34

Tonga with a penalty right on the Australian line, and try to make something happen. Lolohea kicks, the ball bounces off the post, and Tedesco somehow comes up with possession. He's forced back into the in goal though, and Tonga will have another drop out.

70 mins: Tonga 16 Australia 34

Australia trying to close out the match, Tonga looking to makethings happen. Jennings makes a burst upfield, but runs straight into the tackle with Lolohea unmarked outside him! Murdoch-Masila runs the ball on the last but is tackled to give away possession.

64 mins: Tonga 16 Australia 34

TRY!!! Pangai Jr gives away a penalty for a late shot on Cordner, and Australia take the opportunity for a breather. Some brilliant hands from the Kangaroos before Tedesco throws a dummy, taking the line on and scores! Surely that's the game for Australia.

Holmes with the kick from the left touchline, and he's missed.

59 mins: Tonga 16 Australia 30

Tonga have come out on fire in the second half, Australia looking exhausted. Taumalolo and Fifita are both back on the field now as we enter the final 20 minutes.

51 mins: Tonga 16 Australia 30

TRY!!! Kata finally goes over for Tonga! A smart offload from Lolohea to Manu sees Hopoate tap on to his centre, who races through a gap to score!

The referee wants to check with the bunker, but surely that's fine. It is, try awarded.

Lolohea to take the kick, and he slots it.

48 mins: Tonga 10 Australia 30

Tonga force yet another dropout, Katoa's kick put dead by Gagai. Australia give away a penalty from the restart, huge pressure from Tonga.

Lolohea kicks on the last, Tedesco fields, and is tackled in goal. Another dropout.

45 mins: Tonga 10 Australia 30

Tonga so close to the first points of the second half. Lolohea goes to the air again and Fusitu'a does brilliantly to get it, he pats the ball back and Keary knocks on. Tonga will have another crack from another dropout.

43 mins: Tonga 10 Australia 30

Frizell knocks on, Tonga have a scrum. Lolohea feeds, Fonua-Blake knocks Cordner over with a massive hit on the second, Tonga go wide on the fifth. Lolohea puts the bomb up, Fusitu'a does well to pat it back to Manu, but they're too far out. Manu kicks through, but Mitchell kicks it dead. Tonga have a dropout.

41 mins: Tonga 10 Australia 30

Tonga kick off, and the second half is underway.


We're back for the second half. Tonga with a mountain to climb, but stranger things have definitely happened!

HALFTIME: Tonga 10 Australia 30

TRY!!! Final minute of the first half, Australia look to run the ball. Frizell is nearly through, but Australia go wide to Gagai, before they move out to the other side.

Simple draw and pass from the Kangaroos, and they get the ball wide to Holmes who scores his second. The referee wants to check upstairs, with the possibility of an eight point try after foul play after the grounding.

Pangai Jr's boot connects with Holmes' head, but there is no way that it's intentional. The bunker sees otherwise though, an eight point try is given and Pangai Jr is placed on report. Ridiculous decision.

Holmes lines up his first kick, and pushes it wide. He'll have another shot though, but it won't be an eight-pointer. The second kick is good.

38 mins: Tonga 10 Australia 24

Lolohea kicks in the Australian half, and Holmes spills it! Hang on though, Sione Katoa is offside, but he wasn't anywhere near the tackle?

Strange decision.

34 mins: Tonga 10 Australia 24

TRY!!! Tonga right in front of the posts, and Taukeiaho charges at the line. He's held up and Tonga will have another crack.

Tonga go wide, and Tupou goes over in the corner! The referee wants to check with the bunker, possible knock on in the grounding, but the try is given!

Taukeiaho with his second kick, but he pushes it wide to the right. Elsewhere, Hingano has gone off, and won't be back tonight.

29 mins: Tonga 6 Australia 24

TRY!!! Australia score again and Trbojevic has a second! The Kangaroos move the ball wide, Kaufusi goes to Trbojevic, who goes outside to Gagai.

Gagai draws in the last man, before finding Trbojevic inside him, who goes over to score Australia's second in a matter of minutes.

Holmes with the kick, and he has no issue. Tonga in big trouble.

26 mins: Tonga 6 Australia 18

TRY!!! Tedesco is a whisker away from the line, and Australia spread the ball wide to Holmes. The winger slices right through Tonga and scores! He lines up to convert his own try, and nails it.

23 mins: Tonga 6 Australia 12

Pangai Jr wins a penalty from Kaufusi and Tonga with a great chance to attack. Jennings makes a run on the first tackle, but loses the ball! McGuire and Klemmer forcing the error.

21 mins: Tonga 6 Australia 12

Australia look to hit back, working their way to Tonga's 10m line. Keary kicks, but it's a shocker and Fusitu'a runs the ball up to start a counter. 

Tupou with the first hit, before Taumalolo bumps off McLean! Hingano tries to step through on the fourth, and Tonga run the last, putting a kick through, but Kaufusi is there to clear any danger.

18 mins: Tonga 6 Australia 12

TRY!!! Tonga hit back! Pangai Jr goes through a massive hole in the Kangaroos' defence and runs away to score under the posts, Hingano the creator. Brilliant from Tonga, sloppy from Australia!

Taukeiaho to kick for Tonga, and hits it straight down the middle.

15 mins: Tonga 0 Australia 12

Tonga can't cope with Australia's speed at the play-the-ball. Keary kicks through and Hopoate tries to let the ball go dead, Holmes is in hot pursuit, but the bounce of the ball goes in favour of Tonga.

12 mins: Tonga 0 Australia 12

TRY!!! Australia score from nothing! Tedesco makes a break, before finding Trbojevic outside him, and he holds off the defenders to score.

The referee wants to check for a possible obstruction against Kaufusi. It looks above board though, Hingano proving to be a weak link in defence with his injured arm.

The try is given, Holmes will kick from the right touchline, and he's got it!

10 mins: Tonga 0 Australia 6

Tonga given a penalty, and Lolohea tries to take it quick, but is called back. They'll start on the halfway line.

Taumalolo goes up the middle again, Tevita Pangai Jr goes on the second and makes good ground. Tonga at the 10m line as Fifita offloads. Last play, Hingano kicks through, but Cherry-Evans is there to stop the ball. 

7 mins: Tonga 0 Australia 6

TRY!!! Hingano looks like he's in a lot of pain. Sione Katoa ready to come on, but Hingano stays on?! Tonga feed their own scrum and run the ball.

Taumalolo takes the second tackle, and Australia need three men to bring him down! Fifita throws a loose offload, Cherry-Evans pounces and races away to score! The Kangaroos strike first - or have they? The referee sends it to the bunker, just checking the pick up from DCE.

It all looks good though, the try will stand. Holmes to kick from in front, and belts it through the uprights.

5 mins: Tonga 0 Australia 0

Cherry-Evans kicks on Australia's last, Hopoate claims. Tonga spill possession though, Australia have a scrum.

Klemmer has a dart at the line, before Maguire and McLean combine. Australia go wide to Holmes, but Fusitu'a is all over him with a huge tackle! Tedesco spots a gap, but Manu and Lolohea put him down. Kafusi runs on the last, but spills the ball in the tackle. 

Tonga win the scrum, but Hingano is down with a problem in his right forearm.

2 mins: Tonga 0 Australia 0

Taumalolo takes the first hit up, before Fifita and Sika Manu make solid runs in the opening set. Australia pin Tonga back in the first set, Lolohea puts the bomb up and Fusitu'a claims, but the turnover is forced by the Kangaroos.

KICKOFF: Tonga 0 Australia 0

Australia kick off, and we're underway!


Time for the Sipi Tau. Andrew Fifita to lead it. 

Incredible passion - on and off the field. The challenge has been laid down, chants of 'MMT' go up around the stadium. Kick off moments away.


Tears on the faces of the Tongan players, there's no doubting how much this game means.


Time for the anthems, Tonga are first, followed by the Kangaroos.


Because this is a neutral game, both sides enter the field at the same time. Mt Smart goes bonkers. Fireworks and pyrotechnics greet the teams. What a treat we're in for tonight.


Late team news, Peni Terepo is out for Tonga, Ben Murdoch-Masila takes his place.


Both sides have finished their warm-ups, now back in the sheds for their final preparations.


What a night we're in for tonight! A great atmosphere already inside Mt Smart Stadium - with Tonga's red army in full voice.

Kick off not far away on a beautiful night in Auckland.


A clash years in the making, Tonga and world champions Australia will face off for the very first time.

With a number of high profile stars on either side, Mt Smart Stadium is sold out for tonight's encounter, with Tongan supporters packing in to cheer their team on.

Australia meanwhile, will be out to avoid a second straight defeat, staring at the prospect of back-to-back losses for the first time in 40 years after last week's loss to the Kiwis.

Interest will certainly be drawn to Tonga's Andrew Fifita, facing Australia, the nation he turned his back on, for the very first time.


Tonga: 1. Will Hopoate, 2. Daniel Tupou, 3. Michael Jennings, 4. Solomone Kata, 5. David Fusitu'a, 6. Tui Lolohea, 7. Ata Hingano, 8. Andrew Fifita, 9. Siliva Havili, 10. Siosiua Taukeiaho, 11. Tevita Pangai Jr, 12. Sika Manu (c), 13. Jason Taumalolo.

Interchange: 14. Sione Katoa, 15. Addin Fonua-Blake, 16. Joe Ofahengaue, 21. Ben Murdoch-Masila

Australia: 1. James Tedesco, 2. Dane Gagai, 3. Tom Trbojevic, 4. Latrell Mitchell, 5. Valentine Holmes, 6. Luke Keary, 7. Daly Cherry-Evans, 8. David Klemmer, 9. Damien Cook, 10. Jordan McLean, 11. Boyd Cordner (c). 12. Felise Kaufusi, 13. Josh McGuire.

Interchange: 14. Ben Hunt, 15. Jake Trbojevic, 16. Tyson Frizell, 17. Aaron Woods.

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