Accused rapist Jack de Belin would be ‘outstanding acquisition’ for Warriors, says new coach Nathan Brown

Dragons forward Jack de Belin would be “an outstanding acquisition” for the Warriors, if he is acquitted of aggravated sexual assault charges, says incoming coach Nathan Brown.

Jack de Belin. Source: Getty

Brown, who was officially unveiled as coach today by the Warriors, said “we’re still working through a few things” as far as signings for 2021 were concerned, but the club had identified one or two areas of need including in the front row.

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The Dragons forward would be “an outstanding acquisition” if he is acquitted of aggravated sexual assault charges, says Nathan Brown. Source: 1 NEWS

Reports emerged in June saying the Warriors were willing to offer de Belin a contract if he is acquitted of charges later this year.

Warriors target signing of Dragons' rape-accused forward Jack de Belin - report

“The club have obviously been talking to Jack de Belin, that’s well known,” Brown said.

“He’d be an outstanding signing for the club, what Jack would bring to the club,” Brown said.

“As I said, the club were talking to Jack before I come to the table, a type that would be an outstanding acquisition.”

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Wollongong District Court has pencilled in three weeks in November for de Belin and his co-accused, Callan Sinclair, to stand trial, according to reports.

Brown said the Warriors were in a much better position than the Knights were when he took charge in Newcastle in 2016.

Warriors lock in Phil Gould and Nathan Brown to lead the club into the future

“To go from fourth-last to 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, it’s one or two good recruitment decisions, it’s a couple of young blokes developing well,” Brown said.

“To get the major prize, that’s a lot of hard work, for us it’s about improving the roster and improving the players in the squad.”

“We’ve got a great recruitment officer in Pete O’Sullivan, we’ve got a big junior talent base over there in New Zealand.”

Brown felt the Warriors were in a better position to take advantage of the large junior base in New Zealand.

“With what’s been put in place, the club can get a better shot at it, it’s a very competitive market the junior recruitment, while there’s a lot of talent in New Zealand, there are a lot of clubs in Australian and England who are chasing them as well,” Brown said.

“Trying to secure that young talent is a real key for the club going forward, any time the club has had success they’ve had it on the back of a crop of people like your Stacey Joneses, Ali Lauiti'itis and then you move forward to Ivan’s time, your Ben Matulinos and these blokes.”

“These crops of kids that come through at a time help any club have success.”

“As far as the rest of the roster goes, we’re still working through it, managing a roster, it’s a daily, regular sort of thing.”

“It’s one of those things over the next few weeks, I’m sure we’ll get our head around a few things.”

“There are a few ideas there, nothing that I could publicly talk about at the minute.”

Brown said he wouldn’t have contact with interim coach Todd Payten for the remainder of the season but backed the decision to release Blake Green.

“For me, I’ll be in contact with Pete O’Sullivan, ‘cause Pete is the recruiter and he’ll be running that side of it,” Brown said.

“The staff that are in charge there are doing a great job, they need to do what they think is right, I’m not in there I don’t have a feel for what’s going on.”

The club letting Blake Green go for example is a great decision, it’s outstanding for the club to get young Chanel playing halfback, the position he has been earmarked for, longer-term.”

“Him getting some experience playing with Kodi [Nikorima] is a great thing for the club, watching things like that can only benefit myself coming in.”

The hiring of Phil Gould in a club-wide consultant role was also announced today.

Brown said he had a long-standing relationship with Gould having been part of his staff in the NSW Origin side in the early 2000s, as well as having played against his teams throughout the 1990s.

“Gus’s roles are very different to mine, mine is obviously the day-to-day running from the first team point-of-view and downwards,” Brown said.

“Gus is there to not only get the business to grow, but the junior pathways and get an academy set up there which is real key.”