As it happened: NZ wins! Sodhi the saviour defies England for over three hours as Black Caps secure historic Test series triumph

Welcome to 1 NEWS NOW's live updates of the fifth and final day of the Second Test between the Black Caps and England at Hagley Oval in Christchurch.

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson was a relived man after what he described as a great day for Test cricket.

"Amazing day of Test cricket. First let me thank the England team, hard fought series and it was so close through these matches, for it to come down to a day like this, was really special for the format," he said.

"We didn't get off to the best start, first two balls we thought it could be a tough day. Lots of steel shown by the guys in the middle order and the two guys in the last session, phenomenal effort, England threw everything against us and they withstood it, an unbelievable effort."

Ish Sodhi paid credit to Neil Wagner for their match-saving partnership.

“Waggy was really good through those tough periods, he's a fighter and dragged me along with him. I was just think about playing straight, there were tough periods but we got through them. Waggy kept me going, five more minutes, ten more minutes," Sodhi said. 

“Series wins against England don't come around very often, to be able to contribute it massive for me.”

They're off for light. That's it, NZ have won.

The almost ultimate act of defiance is complete. Ish Sodhi faced 168 deliveries and batted for over three hours to salvage a draw for his country. The result gives New Zealand its first Test series win over England since 1999, the first in this country since 1983/84, and only the fourth ever.

One last twist! Wagner has been given out LBW but he's reviewed. He's hit it! So he'll be given out caught. You couldn't script this drama. An incredible innings ends. 

5:58pm: NZ 256/7 - Sodhi 56*, Wagner 7*

We're looking at two overs maximum. 

5:55pm: NZ 252/7 - Sodhi 52*, Wagner 7*

Another over is done. They're almost there. 

5:53pm: NZ 252/7 - Sodhi 52*, Wagner 7*

Fifty for Sodhi, what an innings! Over three hours and 160 deliveries of heart. Wagner has faced 93, it's almost a miraculous stand from these two. We're on time rather than overs now so England are racing through the overs. 

5:51pm: NZ 248/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 7*

Wagner sees off another over from Leach. This is absolutely incredibly from Sodhi and Wagner. 

5:48pm: NZ 248/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 7* 2 overs remaining

That over had everything including a bouncer. Sodhi sees it off no problem. 

5:45pm: NZ 248/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 7* 3 overs remaining

Root has brought himself on. Interesting. 17, 16...

5:35pm: NZ 247/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 6* 5 overs remaining

30 balls away now. Anderson into the attack for one last push.

5:35pm: NZ 247/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 6* 6 overs remaining

5:29pm: NZ 247/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 6* 8 overs remaining

Another over ticks by. Malan landed a wrong-un nicely, beating the bat of Wagner.

5:25pm: NZ 247/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 6* 9 overs remaining

Sodhi this time sees off a Stokes over. There was a bit of bounce that over and Sodhi did well. Probably the last throw of the dice now with part-time leggie Malan into the attack. 

5:22pm: NZ 247/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 6* 10 overs remaining

Wagner with another over of defiance. 

5:18pm: NZ 243/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 2* 11 overs remaining

Hometown kid of sorts Stokes back into the attack but he can't make anything happen.

These two have now faced over 190 deliveries between them and it's been nothing short of heroic.

5:14pm: NZ 243/7 - Sodhi 48*, Wagner 2* 12 overs remaining

Was that the moment? Another snorter from Broad ballooned off the shoulder of Sodhi's bat but Wood misjudged the catch in the gully.

He didn't get a hand on it but it probably should have been taken. Two and half hours at the crease for Sodhi now.

5:08pm: NZ 242/7 - Sodhi 47*, Wagner 2* 13 overs remaining

Another over goes by and not without a heart palpitation. Sodhi flashed at a wide one. Luckily the edge flew over the cordon.

5:01pm: NZ 238/7 - Sodhi 43*, Wagner 2* 14 overs remaining

Drinks. It seems like there's a moment an over. This time one balloons over the cordon off the shoulder of Sodhi's bat. He's playing an incredible innings, he's faced 117 deliveries thus far.

4:55pm: NZ 236/7 - Sodhi 42*, Wagner 1* 15 overs remaining

The final delivery of that Leach over goes on with the arm and beats the outside edge of Wagner. Nervy moments.

4:55pm: NZ 236/7 - Sodhi 42*, Wagner 1* 16 overs remaining

Sodhi gets lucky after gloving a ball into the slips but a diving Anderson could only get fingertips on it. Root was fielding on his knees at silly point hoping to get under a defensive shot.

4:49pm: NZ 235/7 - Sodhi 41*, Wagner 1* 18 overs remaining

Two more overs down. The NZ pair have started turning down runs now - happy to stay at one end.

4:42pm: NZ 235/7 - Sodhi 41*, Wagner 1* 20 overs remaining

Sodhi shows it all in that over from Leach. Intelligently padding up to a delivery and then trying to send the next ball into next week. Prompting Wagner to give some advice.

4:39pm: NZ 235/7 - Sodhi 41*, Wagner 1* 21 overs remaining

So close. Sodhi pops up a chance just out of reach of the man at square leg.

4:35pm: NZ 234/7 - Sodhi 40*, Wagner 1* 22 overs remaining

A nasty moment. Cook at short leg copped a full blodded pull shot on the back of the neck. A terrible over from Root with some genuine buffet bowling offering Sodhi some cheap runs.

4:31pm: NZ 225/7 - Sodhi 31*, Wagner 1* 23 overs remaining

Wagner copping some of his own medicine but he survives.

4:28pm: NZ 225/7 - Sodhi 31*, Wagner 1* 24 overs remaining

A couple of uneventful overs, just the way you Blackcaps fans like 'em.

4:22pm: NZ 223/7 - Sodhi 30*, Wagner 0* 26 overs remaining

Leach couldn't inflict further damage in that over. Sodhi with another needless sweep shot. Again, while it went for four, he doesn't need to play it.


LIVE: Manawatū score after halftime hooter to cut Mako's lead to just two points

Welcome to 1 NEWS NOW's live updates of tonight's Mitre 10 Cup match between Manawatū and Tasman at Central Energy Trust Arena in Palmerston North.

43min: MAN 12-14 TAS

Mako with another strong drive and it leads to a penalty as Turbos enter the maul offside. Mako kick for touch again and look to do the same with a 5m lineout.

42min: MAN 12-14 TAS

Mako immediately with a great attacking chance after Turbos are penalised for an illegal strip. Mako kick for touch and it's a lineout 15m from Manawatū's line.

40min: MAN 12-14 TAS

Mako get us going again.

HT: MAN 12-14 TAS

Halftime and the scoreboard is a fair reflection of the game so far. Close contest in the first half but Tasman have done more with ball in hand to earn a two point lead. What will really concern the Mako is their set play. Lineouts are a horror show at the moment and they've give up multiple penalties at the scrum too. For Manawatū, a strong first half and they'll be confident they're right in this one. It's on them now to keep that intensity up and force more errors in the second 40. Don't go anywhere. We'll be back soon.

40+2min: MAN 12-14 TAS

MAN TRY! Patience and power from Manawatū gets them a big try on halftime. They continue to pick and go for 13 phases to get within 5m of the line. Alaalatoa is at the back of the ruck and sees space on the left of the ruck. Picks, goes and stretches out to score. Plonks the ball right on the line to score. Big moment in the game.

38min: MAN 5-14 TAS

Turbos slowly burrow their way towards Tasman's 22m but there's a knock on and the Mako counterattack with Alaimalo on the left wing. He kicks ahead to chase but the bounce goes into touch. Manawatū's lineout 10m from halfway.

35min: MAN 5-14 TAS

It's a clean lineout for Tasman but a poor pass from the ensuing ruck leads to a knock on. Turbos scrum on halfway.

34min: MAN 5-14 TAS

Tasman's scrum earns another penalty as Manawatū buckle from the shove. Mako clear and get a lineout 10m from halfway.

33min: MAN 5-14 TAS

Tasman survive a horror restart. They completely misread the kickoff and Tagicakibau takes it on the full. He runs it all the way to within 5m. Manawatū go to pick and goes but one is too upright and the ball gets held up. It's a maul that dies and Tasman gets a scum 10m from their line. Lucky.

31min: MAN 5-14 TAS

TAS TRY! Tasman finally get a lineout right and it leads to Aumua scoring. They maul for a solid 20m before Makalio breaks from the back. He's taken short. It's recycled quickly and Aumua is over with ease. O'Malley converts and pushes their lead to nine.

29min: MAN 5-7 TAS

It takes a couple of resets but the Mako finally get a clean scrum. They attack down the blindside and it works as the Turbos make the tackle but they're penalised for playing at the ball off their feet. Mako kick for touch and get lineout on Manawatū's 22m. Can they get it right here?

26min: MAN 5-7 TAS

Manawatu look to score down the right wing again but they get isolated and penalised for not releasing. Tasman kick for touch and get a lineout 15m from halfway. It's yet another horrid lineout but they're lucky this time as Manawatū knock it on trying to steal it. Mako scrum 10m outside their 22m.

24min: MAN 5-7 TAS

Manawatū's defence doesn't budge for 13 phases and it forces Tasman to go wide. But that backfires as Alaimalo is driven into touch. Turbos lineout just outside their 22m.

21min: MAN 5-7 TAS

Turbos use a short lineout and get the ball to Kiri Kiri in the midfield. He hits the line hard but pops the ball loose in contact. Tasman scrum in the middle of the field bang on halfway.

20min: MAN 5-7 TAS

Turbos throw the ball away shortly after the lineout when they're penalised for not releasing. Great kick from O'Malley gives them a lineout just inside Manawatū's 22m. But it's another shocker from the Mako and a knock on leads to a Turbos scrum. Mako scrum is again penalised for collapsing so Turbos kick for toucha and it's a lineout on halfway.

17min: MAN 5-7 TAS

Tasman front row is penalised after they collapse it twice in a row. Turbos kick for touch and get a lineout 10m inside Tasman's half.

16min: MAN 5-7 TAS

Turbos clear early after the kickoff and Tasman look to attack. But after eight phases of hitting the line hard with straight runs there's a knock on. Manawatū scrum 15m inside their own half.

14min: MAN 5-7 TAS

MAN TRY! Turbos strik back with a brilliant team try. They launch an attack 40m from Tasman's line with a skip pass to the right win. Kiri Kiri fends off one before giving the ball to Waitokia. Waitokia is one-on-one and gets and offload to Malcolm who runs it 20m to score in the right corner. Great stuff.

11min: MAN 0-7 TAS

Turbos escape pressure after the Mako have another poor lineout. Turbos get the ball and Tasman are penalised for being offside soon after. Turbos kick for touch and get a lineout on halfway.

9min: MAN 0-7 TAS

Tasman right back on attack after Manawatū are penalised for hands in the ruck straight after kickoff. Mako kick for touch and get a lineout 10m inside the Turbos half.

8min: MAN 0-7 TAS

TAS TRY! What an amazing run from Spowart! Gets the ball from the base of the scrum at speed and he steps inside his man. Pins the ears back and he's away to score untouched. Superb solo run. O'Malley with the extas from the right wing and he's got it.

6min: MAN 0-0 TAS

Laloifi makes a great break down the left wing but he's driven hard into the ground. Unfortunately, his head hits the ground hard with whiplash and he stays down so that forces a stoppage in play. He's slow to get up. That's his night done unless he passes an HIA. Game will restart with a scrum to Tasman 10m inside their half after Laloifi also lost the ball in contact.

5min: MAN 0-0 TAS

Manawatū come up with a steal at the lineout and clear shortly after. But Tasman counter attack down the left wing and get all the way down to just outside the Turbos' 22m. That great attack from Alaimalo is undone though as Tasman are penalised for misconduct at the breakdown. Turbos clear and get a lineout on halfway.

2min: MAN 0-0 TAS

Tasman cleary early after kickoff and the Turbos return it from halfway. Blackadder comes up with a steal at the breakdown though and Tasman look to attack but the Turbos are penalised for being offside. Mako kick for touch and get a lineout 5m inside Manawatū's half.


Turbos get us going!


Clear night in Palmy. Light northerly favouring the team playing left to right. 16 degrees at the moment dropping to 14. Pretty perfect conditions underfoot too.


Tasman Mako player Tim O'Malley during their Pre Season Mitre 10 Cup rugby union game against the Manawatu Turbos. Trafalgar Park, Nelson, New Zealand. Friday 12 August 2016. ©Copyright Photo: Chris Symes /
Tasman Mako player Tim O'Malley makes a run against the Turbos in 2016. Source: Photosport

It's David against Goliath in Palmerston North tonight as Championship strugglers Manawatū host Premiership high-flyers Tasman.

After a positive start to 2018 with a 24-19 win over Waikato, Manawatū have suffered four straight losses to Taranaki, Otago, Canterbury and Northland.

On the other hand, Tasman have won all their matches in 2018 bar a hefty loss to undefeated Premiership leaders Auckland and enter tonight's game coming off a convincing 53-17 win over Taranaki.

One positive for the Turbos is the inclusion of All Blacks rookie Jackson Hemopo on the bench but they will be without strong performing midfielder Rob Thompson, who has been rested for the match.

Tasman have also made tweaks to their backline with captain David Havili making a rare outing at fullback with Will Jordan shifted to the bench.


MAN: 1.Fraser Armstrong, 2.Tim Cadwallader, 3.Michael Alaalatoa, 4.Tom Hughes, 5.Liam Hallam-Eames, 6.Samuel Slade, 7.Antonio Kiri Kiri (captain), 8.Brad Tucker, 9.Jamie Booth, 10.Sam Malcolm, 11.Michael Tagicakibau, 12.James Tofa, 13.Hamish Northcott, 14.Te Rangatira Waitokia, 15.Junior Laloifi.

Substitutes: 16.Sam Stewart, 17.Faalelei Sione, 18.Sione Asi, 19.Jackson Hemopo, 20.Adrian Wyrill, 21.Kayne Hammington, 22.Otere Black, 23.Lefeimi Mafi.

TAS: 1.Wyatt Crockett, 2.Andrew Makalio, 3.Tyrel Lomax, 4.Pari Pari Parkinson, 5.Quinten Strange, 6.Ethan Blackadder, 7.Sione Havili, 8.Taina Fox-Mataamua, 9.Finlay Christie, 10.Mitchell Hunt, 11.Solomon Alaimalo, 12.Alex Nankivell, 13.Levi Aumua, 14.Jamie Spowart, 15.David Havili (captain).

Substitutes: 16.Ray Nuiua, 17.Ryan Coxon, 18.Blair Prinsep, 19.Mike Curry, 20.John Akauolo-Laula, 21.Jack Grooby, 22.Tim O'Malley, 23.Will Jordan.


Former Warriors hardman Motu Tony wants to restore 'Kiwis family feel' to team after taking new role at NZRL

Rugby league's administration is full of former players looking to give back in some way, but it's fair to say only few deserve to be there as much as Motu Tony.

Having helped transform one of the UK's powerhouse clubs, he's now looking to do the same as the high performance manager behind the Kiwis.

After an illustrious 11-year career, Tony took on some serious advice from former team manager Sir Peter Lietch in 2012.

"I remember the Mad Butcher saying to me, ‘you're not Stacey Jones,' so I knew that quite early [in my career] I wasn't the most talented player."

An embarrassed Sir Peter admits he doesn’t quite remember dishing out the harsh dose of reality but knows what he meant by saying it.

"I would've only said that to help him because some guys are going to have a big career in football and some aren't."

Remembering the Mad Butcher's advice, the 13-Test Kiwi ended his career in the UK and started a bachelor's degree.

Just months into study, he returned to his former English club Hull as the youngest ever senior sports administrator in the game.

"I was told that I was the only Pacific islander in senior sports administration," Tony said.

"I know it's flattering for me but it’s something I’m keen to sort of change."

The best recruiters make a name taking risks.

Last year, the 37-year-old packed up his family of seven to take a role as interim CEO of Baseball New Zealand before joining the NZR as their general manager for high performance.

His first task - getting the Kiwis to restore pride against the Kangaroos next month.

"When you have the Junior Kiwis, the Kiwi Ferns and the Kiwis all playing on the one day, one venue, it promotes the Kiwi family feel again.

"That's something we haven't had in our sport for a very long time."

Tony will bring all his experiences as a player and sports administrator to the organisation. Source: 1 NEWS | Sky



North and South Korea confirm joint bid for 2032 Summer Olympics

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in said in a statement today that the countries planned to jointly bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics.

At a major summit, the two leaders gave no details of which cities might host certain events at the games, or how advanced the plans were.

The International Olympic Committee traditionally does not announce host cities until seven years ahead of the games. That would give the Koreas until 2025 to put together a joint bid.

Germany has already announced plans for a multi-city bid for 2032, as has Brisbane, Australia. The India Olympic Committee has also indicated its interest in hosting the 2032 Games.

A successful bid by the Koreas would mark the second time South Korea hosted or co-hosted the Summer Games, the first being 1988 in Seoul. South Korea also hosted the Pyeongchang Winter Games in February.

Asia also features in the next two Olympics — the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo and the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing, which also hosted the summer version in 2008.

The joint statement today also said the Koreas would look to cooperate in major sports events such as the 2020 Games, also without elaborating.

South Korean President Moon Jae In (R) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un take part in a pine tree planting ceremony in the border village of Panmunjeom on April 27, 2018. (Korea Summit Press Pool) (Kyodo)
(Photo by Kyodo News via Getty Images)
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (left) and South Korean President Moon Jae In took part in an historic meeting in April. Source: Getty


Noeline Taurua says Silver Ferns still 'too loose' despite big win, need to step up to conquer Aussie rivals

Noeline Taurua isn't lavishing praise in her first win as the new Silver Ferns coach after her side's victory over South Africa last night.

Instead, she's demanding more from her troops with her attention already shifting to a clash with old rivals Australia.

The Silver Ferns bounced back from a record loss to England last week to record a 61-37 win over the Proteas in Tauranga last night but Taurua says there's still lots to improve on.

"Sometimes, in terms of our positioning, we were going away from the ball in the wrong side but that will come in time," she said.

"I thought on the outside, we actually looked quite good, we had a nice engine room going but also coughed up ball when we needed to keep it secure because the passes were 50/50.

"I thought in our defensive end we got great gains but there were still areas where we were too loose."

Taurua admits she's "uncertain" about where the Silver Ferns stack up against Australia but knows the game will be tougher.

"There's going to be the similarities in terms of the defensive style but I can't envisage they're going to cough up enough ball like South Africa did and the shooting percentages will be higher.

"It's a great opportunity to play up against the best... but we have to show incremental improvements."

The Silver Ferns play Australia in Melbourne on Sunday.

The new coach is happy with the result against South Africa but knows a much tougher task is coming. Source: 1 NEWS