Watch: Look out! Tiger Woods' tee shot hits unsuspecting goose waddling down fairway

Tiger Woods continues to do impossible things in his golf career - this time it's hitting two birdies on one hole.

Only one will go on the scorecard though since the other limped off the fairway.

Woods teed off the eighth hole in his final round at the Honda Classic this morning with a 3-wood.

It was a clean stroke, soaring down the fairway until suddenly a strange obstacle appeared in the way of the ball - a goose.

Woods' ball hit the fairway hard, bouncing up and hitting the goose in the back of one of its legs as it waddled down the Florida course, making it wobble and flap in shock before recollecting itself.

The ball scuffed back towards the middle of the fairway and actually helped Tiger in the long run, with the former World No.1 putting the ball for a birdie two strokes later.