'I shouldn't have left like that' - Danny Lee apologises for US Open meltdown

Danny Lee has apologised for his behaviour during the third round of the US Open at the weekend.

Lee imploded on the green after quintuple bogey on the final hole, eventually resulting in his withdrawal from the tournament.

"I apologise for my poor actions at US Open last week. It was very unprofessional and foolish. [It] obviously hurt lots of my fans and followers and my sponsors out there," said Lee in an Instagram post.

"Frustration took over me and combined with injury I had to fight with it for all week. Still just an excuse. I shouldn’t left like that.

"Now I'm gonna take some time off and think about what I did and starting next time I’ll show up as better person and have better sportsmanship."

It was the first time Lee had pulled out of a major.