Lydia Ko’s overbearing parents to blame for her slide, says her former coach

Lydia Ko’s overbearing parents are to blame for her slide from the summit of golf, a former coach of hers has said.

Lydia Ko. Source: Photosport

David Leadbetter was Ko’s swing coach for three years before leaving the Kiwi’s camp in 2016.

Since then Ko has slid from world No.1 to 23 in the rankings as she has changed coaches repeatedly under the control of her parents Gil Hong and Tiny Hon

"It really is a very sad situation to observe," Leadbetter told Radio Sport.

"Her team have to be thinking that they have made some huge mistakes taking an unbelievably talented player and turning her into ordinary.”

Ko, a winner of 15 LPGA tournaments, including two major titles, has managed just one tournament win in three years.

"I hope she gets it back but restoring confidence is never the easiest thing to do. Her parents have a lot to answer for - a case of unbelievable ignorance,” Leadbetter said.

"I'm angry, I'm sad because to me I know what she's capable of doing. And to see her play like this, it's just very sad to see."

The American advocated for Ko to take the rest of the year off to refresh and clear her mind.

"She had a phenomenal start to her career, probably a greater start to for me than Tiger Woods," he said.

"The problem is when you start changing everything. As many changes as she's made, not only coaching, caddies and equipment, and sports psychologists and trainers, she's also changed her body type now.”