Kiwi marathon runner completes 237 holes of golf in just 12 hours, smashing world record

Brad Luiten, the runner hoping to break the Guniness World Record for most consecutive holes of golf played over 12 hours, has done just that.

Brad Luiten smashed his way into the Guinness World Records, playing 237 holes of golf in 12 hours. Source: 1 NEWS

Starting at 7:40am, Luiten set off at Helensville Golf Club, and armed with only a six-iron, he went about making history.

Twelve hours later, Luiten had achieved his goal, completing 237 holes - equivalent to over 13 rounds of golf - in the 12 hour period.

The previous record sat at 221 completed holes, which Luiten beat by just under another entire completed round of 18 holes.

Supported by his mum, wife Nina and several others, as well as a few inspired on-lookers, the record stood no chance. 

Amateur Brad Luiten is aiming to complete 13 consecutive rounds, and all for a good cause. Source: 1 NEWS

When asked his motivation for even attempting such a rigorous challenge was, Luiten told 1NEWS that it was all for a good cause.

"A friend passed away last year from bowel cancer, it's all about that today" he said hoping to raise awareness for the deadly disease.

"He's always up for a challenge" wife Nina added.

Luited ran a combined distance of nearly 100km during the event, setting a record that will take another special effort to break.