Fair Go: Gender inequality in sports extends to betting odds

Although Wayne Keereweer describes himself as “not a bad golf shot” the game he really enjoys is women’s golf - not playing obviously, but betting on it.

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We all know men’s and women’s sports are treated differently, but it may come as a surprise that those differences extend to putting on a wager. Source: Fair Go

Problem is that the TAB is offering multiple options for betting on men's tournaments, but it's not nearly as generous when it comes to women's games.

Keereweer says the TAB regularly offers odds for men's tournaments on outright winner, top five, top ten, twenty, thirty and forty, top Australian, European, American and Asian players, plus, group betting - based on the order in which players move around the course.

As for women’s odds? Not much at all.

The TAB says it believes the number of professional men's events is greater than the number of women's.

But, Keereweer says look at the airtime on Sky - women's golf is everywhere.

As an example, in a regular week pre-Covid, there could be thirty-four Ladies PGA events on Sky and thirty-nine men’s events.

So if profile isn't the problem, then is popularity? 

Keereweer points out that if the betting options on the women’s game were boosted, that would create more interest in the women’s game.

The TAB says it is trying to boost the betting options for women, with the number of women's golf events open for betting nearly doubling in the last two years - from 29 in 2018, to 49 in 2019. The betting options for the tournaments also jumped up - from just 182 in 2018, to 629 in 2019.

Keereweer says that’s all good but - he simply wants equal betting options for men and women, and he reckons all someone's got to do is push the button and release the odds.

Hopefully, in his favour.