Dunedin company forced to reinvent golf graphics in Covid-19 lockdown

With golf's PGA Tour to resume in a few weeks, a Dunedin based company will have a huge impact on the punter at home's viewing experience.

As Covid-19 shut down sport and borders the world over, Ian Taylor's Animation Research team were some of many Kiwis forced into getting back to New Zealand as quickly as possible.

The sporting shut down saw a major drop in business for the Kiwi company.

"In the space of 24 hours, we lost all the golf, all the baseball, we'd just signed 2000 games of baseball, NFL - 23 games of NFL," Animation Research managing director Taylor told 1 NEWS.

"[We] got on the plane came back and went in to isolation here."

That return home left Taylor's team with two options, let someone else do it, or find a way to do it all live from their Dunedin office. It meant working long hours from home.

After weeks of blood, sweat and tears, the team are now ready to resume their coverage. When the PGA Tour begins again in Fort Worth, all 24 broadcast cameras will be streamed live to Dunedin, the Kiwi team then sending them right back with graphics added.

Taylor adding that the finished product was always something he envisaged, with Covid-19 simply forcing him to speed up his plans by a couple of years.

"It's shown us a whole new way of doing things, that I think is going to have a major impact on how we work in the future."