Beefed-up golfer Bryson DeChambeau leans on driver, snaps it during first round of PGA Championships

Beefed-up American golfer Bryson DeChambeau snapped his driver during the opening round of the PGA Championships after leaning on it following another vicious swing.

Video showed DeChambeau, who put on 9kg in the PGA Tour’s Covid-19 hiatus, unleash a drive off the seventh tee.

He then leaned over slightly to pick up the tee, snapping the head off the driver.

Bryson DeChambeau. Source: Associated Press

He was able to replace the club and challenged the lead — he was four under through 10 — until he slid back to a 68.

In search of more power, DeChambeau spend the Covid-19 lockdown piling on muscle, with his regimen featuring six or seven protein shakes a day.