Age-old Pavlova origin argument reignited at the Masters by golf star

For decades the origin of pavlova has been a dish of dispute between New Zealand and Australia.

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Controversially, Mickelson believes pavlova originates from Australia. Source: 1 NEWS

And now, it's back story has bizarrely emerged at this week's Masters in Augusta.

Three-time Masters champion Phil Mickelson reminisced about the time he was served the dessert at the 2014 Champions Dinner, however, controversially deemed the dish to be the creation of an Australian.

"Pavlova, that's inspired by the great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who was touring through New Zealand and Australia, and an Australian chef was so inspired by her beautiful movement and tutus he named a dessert after her," Mickelson said.

"My daughter was a dancer and she wrote a biography on Anna Pavlova and I made 32 pavlovas for her class when she was a little girl."

The first recipe for a 'pavlova cake' in New Zealand dates back to 1929, while it has also been claimed the dish was created in a Western Australian hotel in 1935.