Wellington Phoenix star explodes on live TV over controversial penalty - 'It's f***ed!'

Wellington Phoenix defender Louis Fenton didn't hold back about the controversial penalty he was involved in during yesterday's 3-2 loss to Melbourne City in the A-League.

In a post-match interview shortly after the match, Fenton let loose with his description of the call.

"It didn't even f*****g hit my hand," Fenton told interviewer Archie Thompson.

"It's f****d."

Fenton then stormed off from the interview, continuing to swear as he made his way to the sheds.

During the second half, City forward Denis Genreu crossed a ball towards the penalty box which hit Fenton's chest before ricocheting off his arm and going out.

The referee instantly pointed to the penalty spot for a handball but Fenton pleaded for it to be overturned.

However, even with the play going to the VAR and slowed-down replays of the incident shown, the penalty was still awarded.

City converted from the spot and moved to a 3-1 lead which, despite a late goal, the Phoenix couldn't claw back.

Phoenix manager Ufuk Talay was just as angry as his fullback about the call.

"I thought it came off his body first and, if it's hit his arm after that and in the new laws, they state that if it hits your body first, then it hits your arm - it's accidental, so it's play on.

"But the decision was made and that changed the game."