Wellington lawyer beats 6.3 million people to win Fantasy Premier League

A Wellington lawyer has beaten 6.3 million people to be crowned winner of online football competition Fantasy Premier League.

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He’s beaten 6.3 million others from around the world. Source: 1 NEWS

Adam Levy topped the worldwide ladder after 38 matches, winning a seven-night holiday to the UK, including VIP tickets to two Premier League games next season.

He told 1 NEWS he wasn’t feeling stressed as he watched the final matches play out today at 2am.

"I had this feeling what will be will be. And that's been like that much of the season, even when I got to No. 1 a couple of months ago, it seemed completely unreal and assumed I wouldn't be at No. 1 for long.

“[I thought] it'll be a great week, maybe two, and I'll sink back down again."

But he remained on top, eventually finishing 57 points ahead of his closest competitor, under the team name #TheyAreUs.

The free competition sees people select a squad of 15 players, within a budget of £100m.

Each week the Premier League stars are awarded points based on their performance in real life (for example, points awarded for goals scored, assists, or clean sheets kept).

Levy says he spent “around six to eight hours” watching full-length games during the week.

"There is so much information now available. There are websites now about fantasy football, there are people on Twitter, on Reddit, it's very noisy out there.

“I've tried to find my own path through that noise, try to make really consistent decisions every week. Base your transfers in and out, your captaincy decisions, on something that is consistent throughout the entire nine months of the season."

While Levy is happy to have taken out the overall title, he says the bragging rights at work were more important.

“We don't play for money, it's just for the banter. I think that's how it should be, the game isn't about the overall rank, of course I'm happy to have won but it should be about your mini leagues and competing against your friends."