Watch: Peru paparazzi go to desperate lengths, set up on top of cars to catch first glimpse of All Whites' training

If there was any doubt what determination Peru has to make next year's World Cup, look no further than their media's attempts to check out the All Whites' first training in Lima.

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The All Whites hid themselves away behind a large wall with fencing on top to get a training in before their match with the world No.10 on Thursday afternoon but reporters and camaremen still managed to find a way to record them.

The crews resorted to setting up on top of their cars on the street to peek over the top of the vision-impairing wall and check out the All Whites.

The crafty moves come after coach Anthony Hudson was swamped earlier in the morning when he went for his morning coffee run.

Instead, Hudson was caught up in a chaotic circle as media pressed for answers in both English and Spanish to check in on the team after they arrived in the country the night before.

The All Whites play Peru at 3:15pm NZT on Thursday.

Despite high walls and chain fencing, the local media still managed to find a way to get a view of the Kiwis. Source: 1 NEWS