Watch: Is this football's worst tackle of 2018? Insane two-footed kung fu kick leads to instant red card

French football could be taking home a second prize this week although they probably won't be excited about the latest one after a French player was sent off for what is being deemed as the worst tackle of 2018.

This morning's Champions League fixture between F91 Dudelange and Videoton turned ugly after Bryan Melisse was given an instant red card for his two-footed challenge that squarely hit an opposing player in the chest.

Melisse was immediately confronted by players from Videoton and the ref for his challenge before teammates arrived to to play down the situation as the French player was escorted from the pitch by coaching staff.

Melisse's brain-snap came with just 45 seconds left in the match and to make matters worse, F91 Dudelange were bundled out of the Champions League qualifiers after losing today's match 2-1.

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