'Untenable' - Phoenix won't travel to Australia until they get assurance they can train while isolated

The Wellington Phoenix are delaying their travel to Australia as they speak with A-League officials and health authorities across the ditch about being able to train during their 14-day self-isolation period.

Football Federation Australia announced yesterday the Phoenix would play out the remainder of their season in Australia after border restrictions in New Zealand due to the coronavirus outbreak meant playing in Wellington was no longer an option.

Instead, the Phoenix will set up camp in Australia with the final six rounds of the competition all taking place behind closed doors.

However, one situation that was glazed over in yesterday's announcement until it was directly questioned was the Phoenix's ability to train while in self-isolation.

It was soon confirmed the Wellington squad would not be allowed to, leading the Phoenix to delay their departure.

A Phoenix spokesperson told 1 NEWS the team will no longer travel today because they believe not being able to train while self-isloated is  "untenable" as they would then be underprepared for the remainder of their crammed season.

"We are seeking assurance from health authorities in Australia that should we find suitable accommodation we’ll be able to train."

The Phoenix will instead look to travel tomorrow after ironing everything out with organisers today.