TVNZ FC: 'I've never seen an ironic boo before' - jeers for Andrew Durante on Phoenix return strikes a sour note

The jeering for former Wellington Phoenix captain Andrew Durante on his return to the capital has not gone down well with members of TVNZ FC.

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Durante, a veteran of 273 appearances for New Zealand's only A-League club, shifted to the newly established Western United, coached by Mark Rudan, who also spent last season in Wellington.

Some members of the crowd expressed their anger at their former leader Durante, booing and jeering him on his return in the opening round of the A-League this weekend.

This didn't go down well with Simon Plumb.

“I thought it was quite disappointing to be honest with you, this is a guy who gave the big chunk of his career to the Phoenix and they repay him by booing him," he said on this week's edition of TVNZ FC. 

“I’ve seen a lot of talk about it being ironic or meant in jest, or banter, but banter is meant to be funny. Although irony plays a big role in terrace culture, I’ve never seen an ironic boo before.

"It didn’t come off well."

The team acknowledged it wasn't every Phoenix fan who booed Durante.

Jack Mabire said Rudan, however, should have expected the frosty reception.

"Justified, he raised their expectations sky high, and then just left them," he said. 

Western United won 1-0. 

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