Tim Payne 'incredibly embarrassed' about Syndey quarantine incident; Phoenix deny star was arrested

Wellington Phoenix officials and star Tim Payne have both fronted over the recently surfaced report the All White was arrested in Australia during the team's quarantine in Sydney.

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The pair are accused of going on a drunken golf cart joyride. Source: 1 NEWS

According to a Newscorp report, Payne was arrested while driving a golf buggy at 1am on Wakehurst Parkway on Sydney's northern beaches on Tuesday.

The Phoenix have since responded with a media release this morning, denying Payne was arrested but accepting there was misconduct.

"The Wellington Phoenix can confirm that two of their players were involved in an incident while in self-isolation in Australia earlier this week," the club said in a statement.

"The incident involved Tim Payne and Oliver Sail, who were based with the team at a remote facility in New South Wales for a mandated 14-day self-isolation period, and the use and damage of facility property.

"Despite reports to the contrary, initial investigations have found that Tim Payne was not arrested during the incident and no member of the public was involved.

"The Wellington Phoenix is taking the matter very seriously and is continuing its investigations."

Payne opted to speak on his own behalf soon after the statement, appearing on Radio Sport for an interview where he took full responsibility for the situation, which took place the night before the team returned to New Zealand.

"It was definitely a mistake on my behalf. It's just one of those things you wish you could take back," Payne said.

"With anything you do in life, there's got to be repercussions… I 100 per cent expect there to be repercussions for my actions."

Payne went on to say he, along with Sail and some other teammates, had been drinking at the team's facility in Sydney on Monday night, but only the pair of them were involved in the incident.

"It was never our intention to [leave quarantine]. I don't know exactly how far [from the quarantine area] it was," Payne said.

"There will be some legal sanctions in Australia, yes. I'll take full responsibility for that, whatever the club and FFA decide. I'll take full responsibility.

"I've made my bed and I've got to take responsibility for my actions."

The Phoenix had been staying in Sydney after the A-League attempted to continue its season solely in Australia with travel restrictions getting tighter due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it eventually suspended the tournament due to health and safety concerns.

Payne finished his interview by apologising to everyone affected by his actions.

"I take full responsibility for my actions and for what unfolded on that night. I've let so many people down including my partner, my family, the club as a whole and individuals such as Uffie [coach Ufuk Talay], who has given me a chance this season.

"I'm incredibly embarrassed and so sorry that I've let so many people down."