New All Whites coach Danny Hay to approach former stars as he builds coaching team

New All Whites coach Danny Hay could be set to bring some of our best-ever players back into the fold in a coaching capacity.

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Chris Chang and the panel are joined by Hay to discuss a new start for the senior men’s team, and they take a look at the week of Premier League action. Source: 1 NEWS

Hay told TVNZ Football Club he would “100%” be reaching out to All Whites legend Ryan Nelsen.

“If there’s an opportunity, you know we may be playing in the States hopefully at some point, you have a camp there and you bring someone like Ryan in for a couple of days.

“I think that’s only going to add to the environment.”

The new coach, who officially starts work next Monday, says he’s still trying to get his head around how his coaching team will look.

“Obviously there’ll be some assistants that’ll be there consistently. And I think that’s a big thing, is making sure the environment is very consistent.

“But also then bringing in the likes of your Ryans at the right time.”

He says there’s been a lack of engagement with former All Whites stars in the past.

“I think that’s where you see a little bit of animosity.

“They give up a lot of their footballing career, a lot of their lives, to dedicate to the national team. And they’re genuinely passionate about it, they want to see the team do well, so there’s a lot of knowledge and experience out there from people who want to give back.

“It’s getting them and bringing them in at the right times.”

Hay’s first game in charge is in November, against the Republic of Ireland.