NBA legend and Tottenham fan Steve Nash breaks down in studio after Champions League win

NBA great Steve Nash is better known for his feats in basketball but he showed just how much of a diehard football fan - particularly for Tottenham Hotspur - he is after their stunning Champions League win this morning.

Nash was in studio watching this morning's semi-final between Spurs and Ajax when Lucas Moura scored the game-winner in extra time.

The goal sent Nash into euphoria as the former point guard began running laps around the studio to burn off the sudden surge of energy he'd just discovered.

After finally coming back to his senses, he couldn't help but shed tears at the result and was comforted by a co-host.

"I'm too old to be crying over football," Nash said after watching replays of his hysterics.

Nash's joy was similar to that of Liverpool legend John Barnes yesterday, whose emotional reactions to the Reds' 4-0 win over Barcelona were also captured on studio cameras.

Liverpool and Tottenham will now play each other in the final next month.

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