Nation comes to a standstill as penalty shootout curse finally lifted as England win crucial World Cup match

English football fans are still recovering their nerves after the dramatic World Cup knockout win this morning.

Elation, jubilation, pure joy - whatever you call it, the die-hard fans felt it all around the world: At a London pub, Brighton Beach, in the BBC office, in Russia; even in Auckland.

And just how the team managed to conquer Colombia in the round of 16 match – a penalty shootout – was enough to cause celebration for some with the curse finally broken.

"I never thought we'd win a penalty shootout," one fan told 1 NEWS.

"We managed to break the mould," another said.

"We didn't lose the penalties and that's got to be the best thing from this. We've changed something!"

For the entire extra time, The air was heavy with tension - from ballet class to the Royal Opera House to the roadside, England seemed to stop.

But with the team moving on to the quarter-finals, life seems to have been breathed back in the country.

Imagine what three more wins will do.

Nerves turned to pure joy for English fans around the world as Colombia were sent packing. Source: 1 NEWS

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