Mariners coach gives cheeky review of Usain Bolt's first football match - 'he's not fit'

Both Usain Bolt and his coach Mike Mulvey agree on one thing.

He isn't fit enough to play in the A-League.

But that's not to say he can't get there, with two months before the season kick-off.

Central Coast gave Bolt 20 minutes of action in a hyped pre-season run on Friday night in Gosford.

The 32-year-old played on the left wing. He didn't look out of place but didn't impress.

The eight-times Olympic champion is in the unenviable position of having a microscope over his every move as he tries to adjust to a second sporting career.

Mulvey said judgements on his Bolt's ability would need to come after a fitness program.

"In all seriousness he's not fit," Mulvey told the Nine Network.

"No athletics coach will actually get you to accelerate, decelerate and with multi-directional movement like there is in football.

"He struggles with that right now."

Having handed the Jamaican a trial, the Mariners are committed to giving Bolt every chance to make it in the league.

Even if they are forced to make the tough call to cut their high-profile recruit, they say Bolt's time on the Central Coast has been a success.

"He's absolutely determined, we're loving him being here on the coast and he's loving being a part of a team environment," Mulvey said.

"The positive aspects so much outweigh the negatives."

The Mariners commence their A-League campaign on October 21 against Brisbane Roar.

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